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What Does Security Look Like in Your Freight Career?

When you’re looking for job stability, financial consistency and a healthy and reliable work-life balance, it’s easy to assume the right way to get it is with a traditional W-2, 9-to-5 job moving up the corporate ladder. Starting your own freight business as an independent agent seems like the most risky and insecure way to go, but it can actually be the most secure career choice you can make! Let’s explore what security — and no, we’re not talking about your local door guy! — can look like in your career as part of an independent freight agent network. 


Creating Your Own Security as an Independent Freight Agent

In the wide world of freight, the best security comes from true independence. Being an independent agent takes away all the corporate strings that hold you back from finding success your way. When your career is completely your own, you are empowered to create your own job stability and set yourself up for financial security while determining what a healthy work-life balance looks like for you.

When you own your freight business, you control your future. You’re making a bet on yourself and taking your earnings into your own hands. As an entrepreneurial freight agent, you’re no stranger to unpredictable challenges, and you can leverage your capabilities and insights and continue building success. You can kiss corporate chaos goodbye — no C-suite nonsense, no random commission structure changes! — and say hello to a career where the sky truly is the limit. The growth and success our agents have found really speaks for itself!


How Our Freight Agent Program Brings You Security

At Tallgrass, we don’t just toss our freight agents out in the waves without a paddle. While they own and manage their own success, we provide support at every turn to create even more peace and security in their careers. Here are a few highlights that our top-performing freight brokers often point to as integral to their success:


Credit You Can Count On

Booking freight is a breeze when you have the name of the best freight brokerage in the country at your back. Our excellent credit record and positive reputation give customers confidence in the services you provide and trucking companies peace of mind knowing their invoices will be accounted for in a timely manner.


An Incredible Team at Your Back

Being an independent contractor doesn’t mean going it alone. Our leadership is so eager to mentor and support you, they literally have a track record of responding directly to agent calls and emails within 48 hours! Top that off with a back office team ready to help you with any questions or problems at the drop of a hat, not to mention the camaraderie of fellow agents cheering you on! You’ll always have the security of someone to lean on.


A CRM Built with Agents in Mind

Technology can make or break a career in freight, where reliability and visibility are paramount. Agents need the security of knowing that the CRM will work as it’s supposed to and help them save time, not make their jobs harder. The groundbreaking CRM at Tallgrass is designed specifically for our agents and constantly improved based on their feedback for an optimal agent experience.


The Most Secure Leap You’ll Ever Make

If you’re looking for more security in your career — whether you’ve worked in freight for decades or are simply curious to learn more — Tallgrass has everything you need to build an incredible book of business and do it your way! Contact our recruiting team today and find out how Tallgrass can support you in making the best career move you’ll ever make.