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Making Spirits Bright: The 2021 Tallgrass Christmas Party

Here at Tallgrass, we take celebrating SERIOUSLY — including the season of candy canes, gift-giving and creating unforgettable memories. And there’s nothing quite as memorable (and, dare we say, iconic!) as TGF’s infamous Christmas Party. And we’re not going to lie – the 2021 party was an epic one. While it’s just one night, we think about it all 12 months of the year, because it’s a symbol of our supportive, fun company culture!


Christmas Party 2021

Christmas Party 2021


A spirit of celebration

Do we start talking about our annual Christmas Party in January (and every month thereafter until it arrives)? You bet we do. We promise it’s warranted. First and foremost, the event is a reflection of the values we hold near and dear here at Tallgrass. We’ve created a culture that’s steeped in support, camaraderie and celebration. That’s why together, we’re unstoppable. 

As Founder and CEO Damon Anderson says, “Money only goes so far in making you feel content and happy. If I could give a life lesson to the Damon Anderson of 20 years ago, I’d remind him money isn’t everything. Life is just too short. So you better put an emphasis on those connections and on the people in your life.” Damon’s sentiment is echoed in everything we do at Tallgrass, especially our events. From our Bounce House Bash to our Christmas party, we work hard, play hard and never turn down an opportunity to bring people together. 


Christmas Party 2021

Christmas Party 2021


Celebrating our roots

TGF’s first-ever holiday bash was a small one – with Damon, Mike, a few agents and their significant others making up the entire guest list. Albeit being small, the tasty eats, flowing drinks and goofy prizes proved to be so memorable that the night transformed into a yearly tradition. Except now, the guest list is a smidge more impressive. 

While the party is a bigger one today, it’s always a nod to this company’s roots, and a way to celebrate how far we’ve come. Our holiday bash has included everything from delectable food and cocktails to magic shows and disco dancing – all things that tie into our overarching vision of camaraderie and togetherness. 

“Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of owning a business,” Damon shares. “As a kid, you think you’re going to be the best business owner because we’re always going to have fun . . . and as I’ve gotten older, that continues to ring true. That’s the ultimate Christmas present for me.”


Damon & David

Christmas Party 2021


The 2021 celebration

The 2021 party took place at our most epic spot yet: the new Loews Hotel in downtown Kansas City! We’d already enjoyed the space during our spring 2021 and fall 2021 Agent Roundtables, when we gathered promising, up-and-coming freight agents from around the country for a mastermind-style weekend of training and growth. And it proved to be a stellar location for our festive holiday party too. 

The top-shelf drinks flowed all night, and guests enjoyed a gourmet dinner together. But the highlight of the night is always the address from our co-owners, Damon Anderson and David Barnes

The speeches started with a year in review, highlighting all Tallgrass Freight achieved in 2021. From our remarkable growth to launching our CRM, there were no shortage of reasons to clink our glasses! Our annual award winners were announced too. Our “Rookie of the Year” celebrates a newer agent who has achieved great success, and our “Agency of the Year” is awarded to an outstanding longtime agency. Our “Partner of the Year” celebrates a vendor who has gone above and beyond, and finally, our “Employee of the Year” spotlights someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to Tallgrass. 

Then, the celebration continued on the dance floor! The band kept the party going with dance-worthy hits, and everyone made memories. And the evening came to a close with late-night bites and fun snacks. The 2021 party was definitely our best one yet, and we can’t wait to celebrate again in 2022.


Christmas Party 2021

Christmas Party 2021


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