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Freight Agent Case Study: Jake H. and Jacob C.

What does it really look like to partner with Tallgrass Freight Co.? What kind of growth can you expect? We’re pulling back the curtain to showcase the true success of real Tallgrass agents.

Meet agents Jake H. and Jacob C., co-owners and leaders of their independent freight agency. In just four years of working with Tallgrass, they’ve seen their margin grow by 840%. Their book of business began to boom when they joined the TGF family. 



Where they Were: The Journey to Tallgrass

Prior to joining Tallgrass, Jake and Jacob were no strangers to the freight world. From shipping and inside sales to international freight forwarding and operations, they both were well-versed in logistics.

What led them to make the switch to TGF? It all started with wanting to go out on their own. “At first, I didn’t know there were agency programs like this out there,” Jake says. But after being introduced to the company by President Sean Richardson, who was then a freight agent himself, the rest was history. “Sean and I had worked together before, and he figured Tallgrass would be a great fit for me and my skillset,” he says.

After joining the Tallgrass team, Jake and Jacob immediately gained the freedom and support they had been searching for. “During the first six months elsewhere, agents have a limited amount of clients and they become hyperfocused on those clients to get as many shipments as possible,” Jake says. “But at Tallgrass Freight, you immediately have more control. As a new agent, the process is very exciting.”

“At other agencies, there are hindrances. But at Tallgrass, it’s entirely freeing,” Jacob shares. “It’s great to not have to worry about anything getting in the way of success.”



Where They are Today: Success with Tallgrass

Fast forward to today: Jake and Jacob are proud of the agency they’ve built with the help of Tallgrass. Curious about the growth? We’ve crunched the numbers.

  • LIFETIME MARGIN GROWTH: 840% increase from first load through December 2022
    • Year 1 to Year 2: 216%
    • Year 2 to Year 3: 100%
    • Year 3 to Year 4: 48%
  • LIFETIME LOADS GROWTH: 486% increase from first load through December 2022
    • Year 1 to Year 2: 144%
    • Year 2 to Year 3: 78%
    • Year 3 to Year 4: 34%

“It feels like there is much security, stability and balance in what we’ve built,” says Jacob. “It’s been fun to build a culture in our office. We’ve both worked in jobs that we haven’t enjoyed, and now we get to enjoy who we work with and what we do.” As a result of both their success and their character, Tallgrass was pleased to celebrate Jacob and Jake’s achievements as 2021 Agency of the Year. And you bet they’ve qualified for all our awards programs!

In addition to thriving as freight agents, they have built a full team behind them. They have brought on a total of nine team members, with six working solely in operations, an achievement that came to life with Tallgrass’s support.

“I can’t believe we started out with the two of us, and now we have a team of nine!” says Jake. “We’re working on moving into a brand new space that is more than double the size of where we started.”



Fueling the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The entrepreneurial setup of the Tallgrass freight agent program is also about achieving your desired lifestyle. Our main focus has been — and will continue to be — implementing the support and resources needed to drive success for our entrepreneurial agents.  

“The beauty of business ownership at Tallgrass is there is no one telling you what to do or how to do it. At other agency programs, there are restrictions. But at Tallgrass, you get a blank canvas for how you want to create your agency,” says Jacob. “Tallgrass empowers us to do our own things in our own way.”

In addition to the daily support Jake and Jacob have received, they also benefitted from being part of the Agent Roundtable, a mastermind-style weekend of training for our most ambitious freight brokers. After being selected to attend, they’ve given back, educating other freight agents while panelists at the event. 

The Tallgrass leadership team is furnished with the mentorship, back-office assistance and innovative technology needed to help take our agents’ businesses to the next level. “Tallgrass leadership makes room for a very diverse group of agencies,” says Jake. “They’ve built a platform and a company that supports all types of agents with all types of backgrounds.”


Agent roundtable group


Take the Leap

Pursuing the entrepreneurial dream doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Unlike other brokerages, Tallgrass Freight offers support and unparalleled resources for our agents to truly thrive. Like Jake and Jacob, your future has unlimited potential at Tallgrass. We’ve built an atmosphere that allows our freight agents to have the autonomy to build their own book of business while cultivating a successful future.Ready to take the next step? Discover all you can achieve as an entrepreneurial freight agent at Tallgrass. Start a conversation with us today.