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Agent Testimonial: John

We pride ourselves on being the best freight brokerage in the country, and a huge part of that comes from the people. Our leadership, our back office staff and our agents all work together to create this incredible company culture built on a drive to grow and a passion for supporting one another.

One of our agents, John, believes that if you’re looking for an opportunity to grow your business and do it with a company that takes a genuine, personal interest in you, Tallgrass is the place to be. Curious about what it looks like to succeed at Tallgrass? Just ask John!


Why Tallgrass Freight?

John believes that a company practicing what they preach makes all the difference. “I know that a lot of companies say and offer a lot of things, and I can’t speak to them,” says John, “But I can speak to the experience that I’ve had [at Tallgrass].”

With a very friendly, family-oriented culture, Tallgrass agents like John are never left in the lurch. From unparalleled support to constant growth and innovation, independent freight agents at Tallgrass are empowered to run their own businesses without doing it completely solo. “I love the fact that they’re continuously looking to update and innovate the thought process that drives the company,” shares John. Growth at Tallgrass is never-ending, from specific changes like leveling up our CRM to embracing all the fresh perspectives and ideas that new agents bring to the table.


Financial Freedom

Freight agents should never have to choose between financial success and a healthy work-life balance. At Tallgrass Freight, agents are able to experience financial freedom that makes balance possible, rather than keeping them tied to unrealistic workloads. “I can say that Tallgrass has helped me in practical ways in terms of just being able to provide financially for the family,” says John. “I have a growing family. At this point, it’s possible for my wife to be at home. She doesn’t have to work.”

In addition to enabling his wife to fully focus on the home front, the financial success John has found at Tallgrass has made it possible for him to experience adventures alongside his family that he never thought possible! “One of the things that we got an opportunity to do this year was visit Disneyland as a family,” John shares. “That was a life-long dream that I didn’t think was possible! Those things are possible because of the support that Tallgrass provides and the business opportunity that I find here.”


Grow with Tallgrass

John has no qualms about encouraging anyone looking into a career as an independent freight agent to check out Tallgrass. “It would be a genuine invitation to say that this is a place that one can call home and really grow and learn from others. There’s very few things sometimes in your life that have an impact on you, genuinely. But being able to work here—it’s one of those things you won’t forget.

This is just one agent’s story of success and freedom with Tallgrass Freight, and we would love to help you start your own story with us! Reach out to our recruiting team to learn more about how Tallgrass can help you grow your business and find freedom just like John.