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Agent Testimonial: Darrin

One of our favorite things to do at Tallgrass is share the success of our agents, from those brand new to the team to those who have been with us since day one.

Darrin has been an independent agent at Tallgrass Freight practically from the very beginning, and his long career with us is a true testament to the loyalty and dedication we both show and cultivate in our agents. To celebrate our rich history as a freight brokerage, we’re going all the way back to the start and sharing Darrin’s success story.



Humble Beginnings

Darrin’s introduction to Tallgrass came through his previous connection with our Founder and CEO, Damon. “I didn’t come into a company that was already built,” Darrin explains, reflecting back on the startup nature when he first joined Tallgrass Freight. “Damon and I had worked together at a previous freight company. I was hearing about what he was doing, starting his own freight brokerage—just a one-man band type of deal.” Interested in breaking out on his own, Darrin talked to Damon, and the rest is history.

“It was like the wild, wild west,” reflects Darrin with a smile. “We met at Damon’s farmhouse. His office was in the front bedroom and mine was in the kitchen, and that’s how we started.” Talk about a grassroots operation! Starting out with nothing but their personal cell phones, the two started booking and invested first in a phone system. “We just kind of built it from there,” says Darrin.


Why Tallgrass Now?

Tallgrass Freight has come a long way since those grassroots days in the farmhouse, but Darrin stuck around through the growing pains and is so glad he did. “The thing that attracts me today to staying with Tallgrass today is that core value of integrity and accountability for the freight that we move for our customers.” 

When we say we care about people at Tallgrass, we mean our agents and staff, but we also mean our agents’ customers! By supporting our agents in every way possible, we empower them to provide the best service and care in the freight industry.

Having been with Tallgrass for a while, Darrin said that the backend support has really made all the difference. Even going beyond the back office team to the other agents, Darrin loves the genuine family-like culture here. As he put it, “I feel like anybody would do anything for you in this company.”


Work-life Balance

Speaking of family, Darrin has felt that family-style support extend outside of the workplace. Having a healthy work-life balance at Tallgrass, combined with the outstanding support of the back office, has allowed Darrin the freedom to explore some of his other passions. “I like to cook, I like music, I spend more time with the family,” says Darrin. “You can work from anywhere, and that really shows that Tallgrass cares about the agent and wants to see you succeed.”


Take the Leap

If you want to experience the difference working at a family-oriented, supportive, and constantly growing company like Tallgrass Freight can do for you as an independent agent, contact us to see how becoming a Tallgrass agent can change your life for the better!