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Why our Agents Love Tallgrass Freight Co.

Let’s be honest: when was the last time you said to yourself, “I love my job!”

It may have been awhile. You can admit it.

When it comes to your current job, perhaps you’re trying to reignite a flame that is no longer burning bright. Whether you are bored with your current role, just browsing new opportunities or somewhere in between, we’re here to remind you that you DESERVE to love what you do. Period.

Now, here’s the good news: that job is not as hard to find as you think! If you want to love what you do, you’re in the right place.

At Tallgrass Freight, we strive to make loving what you do easy. We offer industry-leading compensation, great company culture, excellent back-office support and more. By building the best freight brokerage in the country, our team shares integrity, tenacity and ambition. Our agents work independently, which allows them to enjoy all the benefits of business ownership. But at the same time, they are always surrounded with the support needed to excel. 

But hey, don’t take our word for it.

Hear why our top independent freight agents really love working at Tallgrass: 


Agent Stan D., agent since 2016, on his favorite thing about Tallgrass: Tallgrass itself and what we stand for is my favorite thing. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”


Freight agent Jake H., with Tallgrass since 2019, loves the Tallgrass culture: “It does not matter if it is a team of individuals, veterans or new agents, Tallgrass consistently offers resources to those that need it with encouragement and support. They are always finding ways to spice things up, making it not only fun, but also rewarding to obtain new business and keep hustling.”


Agent Sean B. has found no opportunity that measures up to Tallgrass: “The culture, supportive environment and refreshing transparency at Tallgrass is unparalleled. Not a single opportunity measures up to the one provided here at Tallgrass.”


Agent Linda F., with Tallgrass since 2018, wishes that she would have made the switch earlier in her career: “Working at Tallgrass is truly the best job that I have ever had. This freedom is irreplaceable and the flexibility and compensation plan are unparalleled.”


Ross H., the very first freight agent member of the Diamond Club, worked in other industries until landing at TGF in 2019: “The ecosystem they’ve built from a cultural perspective is incredibly humbling to be a part of. We are truly one big family.”


Max H. explored 21 different freight companies before going with the best of the best — and that’s Tallgrass Freight: The entire team, including leadership, is simply incomparable. I couldn’t find a single opportunity that even came close to rivaling Tallgrass.”


Aaron B. spent a majority of his career in the freight world — but found nothing compared to the culture, values, team-based atmosphere and camaraderie at Tallgrass: “There’s a balance between goofing around and receiving the support and encouragement needed to thrive. It’s a lot easier to come to work when it doesn’t feel like a stereotypical boss-employee relationship.”


So, you’ve heard it straight from our agents — they love Tallgrass Freight. Don’t you deserve to love your job just as much as they love theirs? Are you ready to become a Tallgrass independent agent and enjoy freedom, competitive compensation and a culture unlike any other? There’s never been a better time than today to make the switch. Start the conversation with us now!