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What We’re Looking Forward to in 2024

While we love reflecting on all the surmounted challenges and celebration-worthy wins of the previous year, at Tallgrass Freight our vision is always set on the horizon. We have big plans and high hopes for 2024, and it is this drive that keeps us growing and thriving in such a tumultuous freight market!


As we look forward to another year in freight, here are our top goals and plans we cannot wait to dive into:

Club 200 becomes Club 250!

Club 200 was created as a way to celebrate individual agent growth and incentivize the drive that makes our agents the best of the best. And because our agents have been so successful, it’s getting a glow up in 2024! For years now, Club 200 has celebrated agent success with a Las Vegas trip. In 2024, it’s now Club 250! That’s right: Our agents so consistently hit their goals that we’ve raised the bar. 

And in addition to bringing that new Club 250 energy, we’re also making a splash with where we celebrate! We’ve outgrown the Stratosphere for our celebratory Vegas dinner, and in 2024, we’re heading to the stunning Keep Memory Alive event center! Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the breathtaking Keep Memory Alive Event Center is an iconic addition to downtown Las Vegas. We can’t wait to toast to success!

Taking Our Company Culture to New Heights with New Hires

The Tallgrass family is always growing, and not just on the agent side! In 2023 we hired several new team members, including our new Human Resources expert Ellie Martin, who has brought in tons of ideas to take our already good company culture to the next level in the coming year. We also just brought in a new recruiter to share the Tallgrass story with potential agents as we dive into our 11th year as an agency! Take a look at our beyond-compare team.

Looking back on how far we’ve come in just over a decade, we’re proud to be an award-winning freight agency that freight brokers are proud to be a part of. Riding this trajectory of growth into the new year, we have no intention of slowing down any time soon — especially because of our brand new Culture Committee. Composed of team members from across TGF, this crew is making sure we kick off 2024 flexing our company culture muscles.

Keeping Our Feet on Solid Ground

With so many freight agencies floundering on stable footing, Tallgrass continues to move forward on solid ground. This market hasn’t been easy on anyone, but we’re grateful to be not just surviving, but thriving in freight!

Fortunately, the market is projected to improve next year. This means our agents can expect greater margins as rates go up, and even more opportunities to grow their books of business! Security in your freight career has never looked better.

Cultivating Individual Professional Growth

A new year means new opportunities for each of our agents to reflect on their own success stories, setting expectations and goals for the future of their careers. While the volatility of the current freight market can be a source of stress for many, it also means more opportunities for those who have the drive to grasp them! Every freight agency that closes its doors means customers looking for the right agent to manage their loads. And as a Tallgrass freight agent, you’re set up to serve your customers better than anyone else out there.


Ready to Launch a New Career in the New Year?

We like to talk a big talk when it comes to our vision for exponential growth year-over-year, and we don’t take that lightly! Tallgrass Freight is where the best of the best bring their freight agencies. If you want to drive your growth with an agency that has your back and celebrates your successes, contact us to learn more about becoming an agent at Tallgrass! Let’s walk a big walk together in 2024.