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TGF FAQs: Questions Agents Ask Before They Join Tallgrass

We get it. Taking the next step in your freight broker career is a big decision. Our freight agents are the best in the business. Looking to leave amateur hour behind? Then you’ve come to just the right place.

As Founder and CEO, Damon Anderson shares, “My favorite part about this company — beyond the numbers, beyond the growth — is our quality people and the quality stories that make up their lives.” No one ever flies solo at TGF, and the same sentiment is echoed in how we conduct interviews with potential freight agents. No crazy interrogations, no stressful back-and-forth. Just a strong conversation and dialogue to make sure it’s a great fit all around.

Our recruiters are dedicated to painting a clear picture of TGF’s culture, mission, perks and more. And that means answering whatever questions you may have on your mind. Here’s a look at the TGF FAQs freight agent candidates ask us. Get your answers:


1 | What does your compensation program look like?

At Tallgrass, we’re passionate about empowering our agents to earn what they deserve. That’s why we offer a highly competitive compensation program. Our goal is to empower freight agents to reach for their goals with industry-leading compensation

Our people are our biggest asset, and we believe it’s important to communicate how valued they are through high splits, as well as health, dental and vision benefits. And above and beyond commission and benefits, our agents have the opportunity to maximize their income through iconic sales programs like our Club 200 and Diamond Club. There’s no “ceiling” here!


2 | What type of back office support does Tallgrass offer?

A large part of our mission here at TGF is to provide unparalleled support for our agents to build thriving books of business. We’re incredibly proud of our back-office leadership team. They drive us forward and provide the infrastructure, guidance and resources pertinent to the success of our freight agents.

With a custom-built TMS platform, robust carrier database, billing support, dedicated tech support, credit and collections management and unmatched customer service, you’ll always be surrounded by individuals who are committed to helping fuel your growth.


3 | What does Tallgrass’s company culture look like?

If you asked our agents to name one element that sets TGF apart from competitors, you’d receive an overwhelmingly unanimous response: our culture. We’re humbled to receive both local and national recognition year over year that attests to the growth and success of our entrepreneurial-minded agents.

While we provide agents with the freedom and autonomy to build their own business, they’re part of a collaborative environment with development training, mentorship, long-term coaching and invaluable resources.

We could continue tooting our own horn, but don’t take it from us. Hear it from our agents:

“The ecosystem Tallgrass built from a cultural perspective is incredibly humbling to be a part of. We’re truly one big family. It was evident from day one how invested management is in the success of their agents – the infrastructure, support and resources are all part of their mission to empower their employees.” – R.H., Tallgrass agent since 2019

“Tallgrass’s culture is a rarity,” Linda admits, “and a testament to how committed the leadership team is to empowering their agents. The meaningful atmosphere sets the foundation for the purposeful work we do. Not only is their level of transparency commendable, but everything from the back-office to the resources provided demonstrates how invested the company is in helping their agents thrive.” – L.F., Tallgrass agent since 2018


4 | There’s been a lot of uncertainty at other companies in light of the pandemic. What kind of stability and security can I expect at Tallgrass?

While other companies stood still in 2020, we kept moving forward. We’re humbled and fortunate to have experienced success, even in the face of global challenges. At Tallgrass, we’ve built a stable environment defined by award-winning success and a team that shares and values integrity, drive and ambition.

That means our freight agents never have to be concerned with credit from carriers or feel anxious about getting paid. Unlike others in the logistics world, we are proud to say we’ve had no furloughs, no layoffs, no commission trims or salary cuts in 2020. Instead, Tallgrass Freight Co. has grown and we have continued welcoming new freight agents to the family.


Transparency, honesty and respect are baked into our company’s DNA. We’re an open book – happy to answer whatever questions are on your mind as you consider joining our freight agent network! Learn more about why our work hard, play hard atmosphere has helped our team of brokers lead the rewarding and fulfilling lives they’ve always dreamed for themselves. Join our team today!