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Tallgrass Partners: A Team Like No Other

Tallgrass Freight Co. is one of the country’s fastest-growing private companies — but we haven’t done it alone. We have a partnership mindset in all aspects of our business. While some companies have “vendors,” we’re grateful to have outstanding partners, who truly bring value and always help us stay at the top of our game. 

Our partners assist Tallgrass in everything from marketing and finances to providing great benefit opportunities for our stellar team of agents. The Tallgrass freight agent program is unparalleled in the freight ecosystem, and our top-notch partners help us keep it that way. Success has always been in our blood, even from the very beginning when CEO and Founder, Damon Anderson, laid the foundation for the future. We’re grateful to our strategic partners for maintaining our vision of success and helping us accomplish our goals year after year.


Crown Financial

Tim Bateman | Crown Financial 

With more than 15 years of experience in financial services and accounting, Tim Bateman always has his finger on the financial pulse of Tallgrass. But forget the image of a bean counter who only crunches the numbers. Tim takes a strategic approach to serving as the Tallgrass CFO and data expert, and he handles anything and everything within the finance realm, including sales analytics and cash flow forecasting. 

“It’s a great team here,” Tim says. “It’s the culture, the true family culture. You’re part of the team, and I like that aspect of partnering with Tallgrass so much.” Tim’s expertise helps us stay financially phenomenal.


Bukaty Companies

Bukaty Companies

At Tallgrass, it’s important for us to provide exceptional benefits to our team. Of course our agents earn top-tier compensation, but Bukaty ensures our benefits also set the bar high. Our partnership with Bukaty Companies allows us to offer our freight agents excellent health, dental and vision insurance, all while continuing to render high commission splits. 

We know it’s a big leap when moving from the W2 world to owning your own brokerage, and benefits can be a hurdle when considering a pivot into entrepreneurship. But with Bukaty, Tallgrass’s independent freight agents have access to a full suite of benefits. Bukaty allows us the opportunity to tailor our benefits to match the unique needs of our agents. We’ve been able to create a plan designed to target wellness initiatives for our Tallgrass agents and their families. 


Kendall Bank

Kendall Bank

With help from our partners at Kendall Bank, we’ve nearly doubled revenue from 2020, with an increase of almost 300% from 2019. This high achievement landed us  the #37 spot in Inc. magazine’s list of the Midwest’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies. 

“When you gain momentum with your company, it is incredibly important to have a banking partner that will stand with you and provide the support necessary to continue growing your business,” said David Barnes, Tallgrass COO and Co-Owner. “The team at Kendall Bank does business the right way and has given us confidence in knowing we have a true financial partner in our corner.”


The Connection Shop

Sarah Koci Scheilz | The Connection Shop

The Connection Shop works hard to constantly drive the Tallgrass brand forward by delivering social and web content, providing brilliant visual branding, guiding our overall marketing strategy and more. For more than two years, Sarah and her team have been the driving force behind making sure Tallgrass looks and sounds good across all platforms.

“The Connection Shop has been an incredibly valuable asset to our organization for the last two years,” says COO, David Barnes. “Sarah and her marketing team have dedicated their time to ensuring that our brand and message shines throughout the freight industry.”



With partners like these, there’s no doubt why we’re the best freight brokerage — and in this season of being grateful, we want to say a big THANK YOU. We’re so humbled to share a partnership with our wonderful vendors who keep Tallgrass at the top of the freight game. 

At Tallgrass, you’re given the support you need to make your job what you’ve always wanted. You’ll always be surrounded by a group of people who are committed to driving your growth and success. Heading into 2022, there has never been a better time to become a Tallgrass freight agent. Join our freight agent program today and experience these perks yourself!