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Investing in Our Future: 2022 Scholarship Awards

Giving back to the very communities that have shaped Tallgrass Freight is more than something to cross off our company to-do list. Philanthropic efforts and helping others is key to our treasured company culture. And this year, we’re thrilled to continue one of our favorite annual traditions: Awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors.

Our CEO, Damon Anderson, and COO, David Barnes, attribute their success in part to their education and their communities. So to pay it forward, say thanks and invest in our future, Damon and David award scholarships to seniors at their alma maters: Sumner Academy of Arts & Science in Kansas City, Kansas, and Caney Valley High School in Caney, Kansas.

Receiving the Tallgrass Freight Scholarship means recipients can buy necessary educational resources that aren’t traditionally covered by institutional aid, such as textbooks and computers. It’s our way of giving back and setting the stage for graduates to achieve their dreams. We want these young people to know someone believes in them and that their goals are well within reach.

Damon Anderson’s high school, Sumner Academy, has a mission to serve students beyond the classroom by developing knowledgeable, inquiring and caring young people. Damon is especially grateful to Martha DeVries, the Lead College and Career Coordinator at Sumner, who was vital in her assistance and helped to coordinate all aspects of this venture.

The Sumner Academy 2022 scholarship recipients are:

Cheyenne Gooch
Shiy’Ronne Selvy
Joshua Gaddy
Jose Marquez
Dilan Rai


Scholarship recipients 2022
The Sumner Academy Tallgrass Freight Co. Scholarship Recipients


Caney Valley Junior-Senior High School, David Barnes’ alma mater, strives to build a strong foundation for continued success. The students receiving the 2022 scholarships boast a wide variety of activities beyond their coursework, from Eagle Scouts and National Honor Society to competitive horseback riding and after-school jobs. 

The scholarship recipients at Caney Valley are:

Krymsyn Clopp
Bladen Dixon
Daisy Fesler
Ava Freisberg
Emma Hockett
Kamryn Kaminska
Ally Miller
Johnna Rosson
Kameron Smith
Quincie Walls


Scholarship recipients
The Caney Valley Tallgrass Freight Co. Scholarship Recipients


“It’s our joy to give back,” David Barnes says. “These young people are the foundation of  the future, and we’re excited to see what’s next for them.” 

With tenacity, ambition and a strong sense of community, Tallgrass Freight has become the best freight brokerage in the nation. The generosity of the TGF team fuels our philanthropic endeavors and stands as a testament to our unrivaled company culture. If you enjoy giving back and working hard, be part of a team that supports those values. Discover how you can elevate your future and become an agent today.