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DOT Blitz Week 2024: What You Need to Know

From Tuesday, May 14, to Thursday, May 16, 2024, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck kicks off its annual DOT Week (also known as DOT Blitz). How can agents support their customers and their carriers during this potentially disruptive week? Let’s explore what you need to know as DOT Blitz approaches.


The DOT Week Impact

DOT Week (or DOT Blitz) is a 72-hour event when enforcement officials in North America conduct an average of 15 vehicle inspections per minute! It’s the largest targeted enforcement on commercial motor vehicles in the world. Inspections include lights, suspensions, breaks, exhausts, tire treads, ELD compliance and more.  

If an inspection reveals any issues, the results can be painful for carriers — including fines totaling thousands of dollars, a downgraded safety rating or even being put out of service until the issue has been fixed. The 2024 inspection focus is tractor protection systems, alcohol and controlled substance possession.

Most trucks on the road have nothing to fear with an inspection. But it’s a disruption that can lead to delays in delivery.


What to know about DOT Blitz Week 2024

As agents and carriers prepare for DOT Week, it’s important to understand its ripple effect. Capacity may be tighter. Some drivers minimize their work and put their trucks in park during this time. Along with tighter capacity comes a potential increase in pricing too, due to possible delays or add-ons. 

And deliveries may be late. There’s a good chance a driver hauling your freight will be pulled over. And with a 37-point inspection, it’s bound to take a little while. DOT Blitz Week is a continent-wide event, affecting shippers and carriers from coast to coast and border to border.

“Agents should be proactive in talking with customers,” explains Jordan Brady, Director of Agent Development. “It’s important to communicate that drivers may potentially be late, capacity may be tighter and there may be more push-back from carriers.”


Supporting Customers and Carriers During Blitz Week

Proactive and thorough communication is the best way for agents to support both customers and carriers during this potentially disruptive week. “Be proactive in conversations with customers about potential delays in deliveries or pickups,” Jordan advises. “It’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships and to go to bat for both carriers and customers.”

Make sure everyone you’re working with from May 14 through May 16 is aware of potential delays. And as a freight agent, you can set realistic expectations by building in buffer time where it’s possible. With an average of 15 inspections every minute, you should budget extra time wherever possible. If you have a load scheduled with unrealistic timelines, it’s likely to lead to disappointment. And stay flexible when you can, moving shipments that aren’t time-sensitive to the week of May 20. 

Most carriers will operate as normal, and most shipments will be picked up and delivered as expected. But proactive planning is the key to success! “There may be some frustrations, but communication is everything,” Jordan says.


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