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Agent Testimonial: Lynn T.

Not everyone finds their dream career right from the start, and for a lot of people, that career path can get interrupted by parenthood. This was the case for Lynn, who left her career to become a stay-at-home mom for a decade before deciding to reenter the workforce.

Intent on partnering with a company that offered the balance of freedom and support needed for success, she found her home at Tallgrass. Today, she is thriving — and we’re thrilled she’s part of the Tallgrass team! Hear Lynn’s story.


Before Tallgrass

Lynn tried several different companies and career paths before settling at Tallgrass. Her first freight role taught her all of the basics. While she appreciated this intensive training, Lynn felt limited by the lack of growth pathways there. 

Looking for a better opportunity, Lynn moved on to a different freight brokerage. Unfortunately, this company wasn’t exactly innovative. They were so behind the times, Lynn recalls, that she didn’t even have a voicemail! “It was so time-consuming to book just one load that I couldn’t make a lot of money,” Lynn shared as she recalled setting up every single carrier through faxes.

With two strikes against the freight industry, Lynn decided to try something different. “I was not going to do it again,” she said.


The Third Time’s the Charm

Not finding an ideal fit in other sales positions, Lynn eventually heard about Tallgrass Freight from some previous colleagues who joined our team. Convinced of the great opportunity, Lynn decided to take next steps. She came to a Tallgrass open house to learn more. “Once I talked to Damon and Dave, they had me sold,” she remembers. “I knew that this was something I needed to try.”

Five years later, Lynn is thriving and even looking to hire her first team member!


Why Tallgrass Freight?

From the back office support to the freedom to do things her way to the incredible CRM, Lynn has found a career like no other at Tallgrass. “The things that Tallgrass has done in the last five years since I’ve been here are so amazing,” Lynn said, “I have the tools I need to work as fast as I can, and more efficiently than ever before, because of the improvements in the CRM. I can handle more customers. I can handle more freight. It’s been great.”

Lynn started from zero at Tallgrass, having left freight behind years earlier. But the combination of her drive to succeed and Tallgrass’s combination of support and entrusting agents to run their own businesses has empowered Lynn to make more than she ever thought possible.

Skeptical? The numbers speak for themselves! Over the course of her Tallgrass career, Lynn has experienced an incredible 232.7% lifetime revenue growth and 22.4% lifetime margin growth. Now that’s what we call success!


Home Sweet Home for Freight Entrepreneurs

The biggest thing holding Lynn back in freight was never her age or lack of experience—she was destined to be an entrepreneur! “Everything I’d done with freight before Tallgrass was so micromanaged,” Lynn shared. “I work really hard, but I like to work a certain way that I think is really smart for me.” Tallgrass was the first company to really trust her, and that trust empowered her to succeed!

Lynn also recognized the value of an ever-improving support system through the CRM and the back office. With the CRM speeding up the management and tracking of loads and the back office team taking care of other logistics like credit checks, Lynn is able to dedicate all of her energy to building her business and taking care of customers.


Believe in the Possibilities at Tallgrass

While freight isn’t the industry for everyone, Lynn insists that it’s not rocket science with the right partner. “I’ve just worked hard and I believe in myself,” she says. Lynn came into the freight industry later in life, and found that not many other people believed in her because of that. “You don’t need decades of experience to make it in freight. You just have to be willing to take the leap and believe in yourself at a company that believes in you!”


No matter your age, your gender, or your career background, we think you’d be a great fit for the Tallgrass family. Contact us to learn more about becoming an independent agent with Tallgrass Freight.