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10 Reasons We’re Grateful at Tallgrass Freight: 2020 Edition

It’s the season of reflection and gratitude, and as we celebrate Thanksgiving, there’s much we’re grateful for at Tallgrass Freight this year. We’re humbled and fortunate to have experienced a multitude of successes. And we owe it all to our beyond-compare team. Here’s a look at the top 10 things we’re thankful for this year: 


Club 200 Las Vegas


10 | Our Unparalleled Compensation 

At Tallgrass, freight agents have the autonomy to build their own books of business while receiving the backing and support of a company that genuinely cares for their success. The best freight agents should earn what they deserve — and here at Tallgrass, we have the best of the best. It’s that simple.

That’s why we’ve developed a competitive compensation program that empowers agents to continuously reach higher. There’s no ceiling here! Just high splits, sales programs like our elite Club 200 and Diamond Club, and travel rewards.  


Freight agent growth


9 | Our Agent Roundtable Event

TGF held its annual Agent Roundtable event at the new Loews Hotel in downtown Kansas City on September 19th — and the 2020 event took things to new heights. Top agents from across the country were flown in for the much-anticipated gathering, where attendees were treated to a (socially distant and safe!) day of learning and camaraderie. 

We kick-started the event with a session on financial and estate planning, featuring our friends from the world-class financial advising firm Creative Planning, before chowing down on a scrumptious lunchtime chow. During the second half of the Roundtable event, we established a panel of thriving freight agents to discuss strategies and tactics for building a profitable book of business.


tennessee office


8 | Our New Office in Chattanooga, Tennessee

We are humbled to have experienced exponential growth in 2020 — including the opening of our new Chattanooga office. Our new location, right in the heart of the Freight Alley region, is just another result of the top-notch team of agents we have coast-to-coast. We owe it all to them, who work and hustle every single day to be the best.


Sean Richardson


7 | Our New VP of Growth & Development

From quick tips and tricks to long-term mentorship, we’re committed to helping each of our passionate freight agents thrive. To further our mission of building a culture rooted in support, we added a new member to our “Dream Team” this year, our Vice President of Growth and Development, Sean Richardson

“Our goal is to mitigate obstacles agents are running into, celebrate their wins, help them replicate successful habits and provide the resources needed to thrive,” Sean says. “This jump-starts their Tallgrass career and ensures they’re headed towards a positive growth trajectory earlier rather than later.”


Tallgrass Freight's roots


6 | Our Roots & Where We Started

Our first days in our Kansas farmhouse headquarters laid the foundation for the company we’ve become today, and we’ll always treasure and embrace where we came from. 

We’re proud of all we’ve accomplished, but we’re far prouder of the people behind those accomplishments. Because of the culture we’ve cultivated since day one, we’ve stayed true to our mission of building a company of like-minded individuals who treat each other the right way.



5 | Our Incredible Back-Office Team

Providing the tools and support our agents need to build a thriving business is baked into our DNA. And a huge piece of that equation lies in the tremendous work and dedication of our back-office leadership team

Our support team not only speaks to the collaborative environment we’ve created, but they’re the experts providing the infrastructure, foundation and guidance our freight agents need to continually achieve higher levels of success. 


Club 200 2020


4 | Our Unrivaled Sales Rewards

Performance-based incentives familiar to sales organizations — but ours are unlike any other! The way we’ve structured both our Diamond Club and  Club 200 emulates the entrepreneurial and innovative approach we take in terms of delivering world-class freight transportation. 

Instead of rewarding top-line revenue, both the Diamond Club and Club 200 recognize gross profits on the revenue our agents generate. From $5,000 Delta Airlines travel vouchers and trips to Las Vegas to laptops and flatscreen TVs, we love commemorating our iconic agents with iconic rewards. 



3 | Our Strong Corporate Values

Our foundation is built on our team. We invest in our people and we celebrate each win. Nothing can replace the trust and camaraderie that’s baked into everything we do. 

Everyone on our team shares tenacity, partnership, integrity, commitment and ambition. You too? Then what are you waiting for? Join our team!



2 | Once Again Sweeping the Awards

We’re humbled to have a team of tenacious, driven agents who continue to propel our organization to new levels of success. In 2020, we once again swept the awards – receiving both local and national recognition for our exponential growth. 

As we’ve worked to establish a supportive and inclusive company culture, these awards are a true testament to who we are: our people. We share in each other’s successes and couldn’t be prouder watching our agents thrive. We’re thankful to have received the following awards in 2020: 

  • Kansas City Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • Inc. 5000 Series: America’s Top Businesses in the Midwest
  • Ingram’s Top 100
  • Inc. 5000
  • Kansas City Business Journal Fast 50



1 | Building the Best Freight Brokerage in the Country

“My favorite part about this company — beyond the numbers, beyond the growth — is our quality people and the quality stories that make up their lives,” says CEO and co-owner Damon Anderson. And as we truly stop to reflect on all the extraordinary and inspiring things we’ve achieved this year, there’s one thing we know for certain: there is so much more on the horizon for TGF. 


Our mission is to build the best brokerage in the country, and we don’t plan on stopping our momentum anytime soon! There’s never been a better time to join the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Become an agent today.