Why the Back to School Season Is the Perfect Time to Join Tallgrass Freight

Why the Back to School Season Is the Perfect Time to Join Tallgrass Freight

Back to school season is in full swing! You’re likely juggling an even more hectic schedule as you help your kids prepare for and adjust to a new school year. Before you know it, you’ll have a calendar filled with school-related activities. And if you find yourself stressing about how you can make time for everything without adversely affecting your career, we have a solution: join Tallgrass Freight Company and be your own boss!

We want our freight agents to have fulfilling, challenging careers. That’s why we also give agents the freedom to be their own bosses, including the flexibility to set their schedules.

Just think: you no longer have to choose between work and dropping by school to have lunch with your kiddo(s) or worry about if you’ll make it in time to an after-school practice or performance.

Instead, work with Tallgrass Freight and put yourself in charge not just of your book of business, but also your schedule. Too many times working parents or guardians bear the guilt that comes from missing important moments in their children’s lives or feeling like they have to choose between family and work.

That’s why our freight agent network is such an appealing alternative to typical freight agent careers. We provide best-in-class back office support so that you know your administrative tasks are efficiently handled. That gives you more time to build your book of business, deliver exemplary customer service and, when needed, step away from work to spend time with the people you love most.

The school year’s just starting, so there’s plenty of time to start the next chapter of your career at Tallgrass Freight and enjoy the exhilarating independence that comes with being in charge. Contact us and we’ll be glad to share more about how you can join our freight agent network and live life on your terms.