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Our Monthly State of the Union Gatherings: Why They Matter and How We Grow

With a team of agents across the country (and around the world), it takes a little extra effort to keep everyone connected. But the effort is well worth it when it comes to our Tallgrass Freight family. And that’s why we gather each month for our team State of the Union.

Tallgrass State of the Union

The “State of the Union” tradition dates back to 1790 when George Washington delivered the first annual address to our new country. So we’ve borrowed from the Founding Fathers for this TGF tradition! So — why a monthly “State of the Union”?

First, our team is stronger when we’re all on the same page. Everyone on our team is hustling, and things move pretty quickly around here. It’s a great chance to share corporate updates and rally the crew. Plus, there’s the camaraderie it builds. With a monthly State of the Union, we have a chance to connect on a regular basis. We keep things pretty casual around Tallgrass Freight, but this structured get-together lays the groundwork for us to build together.

We kicked off our October 2019 State of the Union gathering with an update from our Vice President of Growth and Development. We reflected on the great achievements our agents had in the past several months and shared strategies for our agents to take things to new heights.

David Barnes, our Chief Operating Officer, introduced our newest team members. He shined the spotlight on how Tallgrass is growing and expanding, including new updates and advances in our proprietary CRM. Finally, our CEO Damon Anderson shared what’s on the horizon for our company — and also invited everyone on our team to our epic annual corporate Christmas party!

Damon Anderson Tallgrass Freight

To engage all our agents, no matter their location, we broadcast our State of the Union via conference call, so it’s easy for all of us to participate. While we have a great team here at our headquarters outside Kansas City, we have an equally mighty team across the country — and we’re glad to have everyone as part of our monthly “family meeting”!

We wrapped up the meeting with a barbecue lunch, prepared on the spot by David Barnes on our new office Traeger Grill & Smoker. Burgers, brats, hot dogs . . . we had quite the spread! Nothing better than breaking bread with the team.

State of the Union Tallgrass Freight

While all our agents are independent, you’re never truly flying solo at Tallgrass Freight. Our monthly State of the Union gatherings are just one more way we build our company culture. When we reflect back on TGF history years later, we’re going to look back at this season as an important moment — because of this phenomenal team.

At Tallgrass Freight, our agents get to be a part of something — something pretty remarkable, if we do say so ourselves. Explore what it looks like to join our organization. Agents at Tallgrass Freight get to enjoy all the perks of being their own boss, plus the joy of being part of a fantastic team. Connect with us today and become part of something!