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Freight Agent Success Stories: Sharron T.

Sherron Testimonial

What makes Tallgrass Freight the best freight brokerage in the world? No one answers that question better than our incredible independent agents themselves. Get a firsthand look at how our agents get unparalleled support to uplevel their income and create the lifestyle of their dreams. 

When Sharron T.’s previous brokerage made job cuts during the pandemic, the time was right for Sharron to started the search for a better partner. He was eager to become part of a team that treats their agents well no matter what, and supports them through thick and thin. When Sharron started talking to Tallgrass Freight, it all fell into place. 

The TGF difference was clear from Sharron’s first conversation with President Sean Richardson. “It was really refreshing hearing someone who was so down to Earth and not just focused on the money you bring in, but the presence you have,” Sharron says. “Get rid of any thoughts you have on brokerages — because Tallgrass is completely different.” 



From the beginning, Sharron noticed TGF’s unbelievable culture that felt less corporate and a whole lot more like family and friends. Even his initial interview started to paint a picture of how different TGF was: Sharron was pleasantly surprised as the questions went beyond the typical corporate q-and-a and into family upbringing and personal interests. “They also shared with me their own stories, which made me a lot more comfortable,” Sharron adds.

TGF really is like family and we like to get to know yours too. With family-centered activities like our out-of-this-world Bounce Bash, we like to play hard after we work hard. “A lot of other brokerages seem like they just want you to bring money,” Sharron shares. “Tallgrass wants you to bring your personality and your thoughts. It’s very welcome.” Our motto? Treat people like people. From your first call to TGF, you’ll see us put that into practice. 


Sherron Testimonial


As an independent freight agent, Sharron was used to feeling like he was on his own island. Previous experiences left him feeling frustrated and unsupported, with no one there for camaraderie or to answer an SOS call. Not so at TGF! When Sharron had an issue with a load on Sunday night, he was surprised that he got a quick reply to his call for help. “It was something that could have been held off until Monday,” Sharron says. “But immediately, I had the billing team. I had Sean and Chelsea and everybody was there. It was almost like they were just waiting to help.” That’s right. TGF is a team like no other! We understand that a back office team makes a big difference. So we’ve invested in ours and our agents see the difference. 

Speaking of teams, our team is full of experts at what we do best. Our leaders know freight inside and out. That’s one reason they’re able to offer support and advice better than anybody else out there. “You’re not working with a manager that’s only managed people,” Sharron relates. “He’s had a book of business. He’s done what you’re doing.”


Ready to join our extraordinary, unlike anywhere else team? Learn more about becoming an agent at Tallgrass Freight. This family is ready to welcome in yours. Come on over and thrive with us!