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Freight Agent Case Study: Chase B.

Tallgrass Freight agents come from all different career backgrounds, and each one has a unique story of growth and development in the freight industry. Meet freight agent Chase B., who joined the Tallgrass agent network in early 2023. Since day one, his earnings have skyrocketed! Hear about Chase’s journey — and see why Tallgrass may be the right place for you to write your own success story.  


Where He Was: Journey Before Tallgrass

After earning his degree in supply chain management, Chase wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do after college. His first job was in sales for the fuel card division of a large corporation, and he quickly realized it wasn’t his calling. 

Chase’s next role was in supply chain management. While he liked the work, he didn’t like working third-shift hours and his long commute. After talking to the company, he was offered a broker position in their transportation division. Chase moved quickly through the ranks over the next eight years. Initially, he was satisfied and anticipated spending his whole career with the organization. 

But Chase’s ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit eventually felt cramped: he realized he was spending more time managing than selling, and that was limiting his earning and growth capacity. After a little research, Chase discovered that the commission structure at his current company was much lower than that of most independent freight agents — only 10% of gross profit! “I knew it was time for a change,” Chase says. 

With this new information and a desire to do sales his way, Chase took the leap and found Tallgrass.


Where He is Today: Growing with Tallgrass

As Chase discovered when he transitioned to an independent agent program like Tallgrass, starting from scratch wasn’t impossible! As he built his book of business, his first couple of months at Tallgrass were slow, but growth was steady and success came quickly. Today, he’s proud to be making ten times as much as he did on his first day with Tallgrass. That’s right: 10X growth within six months! “It’s incredible to have experienced exponential growth here,” he says. 

Chase credits the flexibility he is given as a freight broker for his ability to grow on his own terms. “I’ve always appreciated the freedom Tallgrass gives agents,” Chase says. “Tallgrass respects and acknowledges agents coming in with a good understanding of the industry and lets them work to their strengths. They let us do what we do best. They don’t put you in a box. There’s no ‘this is how we do it and this is our sales process.’” This was a stark contrast to Chase’s previous experience, where he was given a pamphlet of the exact sales process he was required to go through.

With the freedom to sell the way he wanted to, Chase enjoys taking the approach of complete transparency and total loyalty to his customers. He shares openly with his customers, and makes a point of being their cradle-to-grave contact for all things freight.


How Tallgrass Helps Agents like Chase Succeed

In addition to the freedom and flexibility afforded agents at Tallgrass, Chase has appreciated the accountability and support. As Chase puts it, “I like the freedom, but I also need structure to stay grounded.” His regular check-ins help him stay laser-focused on his goals. 

This structure of support also enables Chase to stay connected with the overall industry. While he appreciates working from home to be around his growing family, the collaborative and supportive culture at Tallgrass is essential to helping him stay connected and informed!

Beyond the perfect balance of structure and freedom afforded Tallgrass agents, Chase is grateful for the reliable systems and departments that make doing his job as simple as possible. Tallgrass’s proprietary CRM has everything agents need in one user-friendly system, and our credit department has clear guidelines with the flexibility to work with agents on a case-by-case basis.


Take the Leap

Chase is one of many freight agent success stories at the foundation of Tallgrass. We care about empowering our agents to book freight in the way that works best for them, whether that means working from home, being in the office full time, having a team, going it solo . . . the possibilities are endless! If you are looking for more freedom and growth potential in your freight or sales career, this just might be the final career destination for you. Reach out to us to learn more!