Coming from a large freight brokerage? What you’ll find at Tallgrass

Coming from a large freight brokerage? What you’ll find at Tallgrass

Working for a large, corporate freight brokerage? You might enjoy the benefits of a national footprint, plentiful technology resources and brand recognition. But large freight brokerages have their downsides. Bureaucracy, office politics, slow-moving management and C-suite layers get old fast. And on the financial side of things, your compensation plan is at the mercy of corporate decision-makers. When salary caps are implemented, commissions are reduced or furloughs are enacted, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Sound familiar? Then it might be time to make a change.

When CEO Damon Anderson started Tallgrass Freight, he too was leaving a large, corporate brokerage. And Damon’s goal was to create the freight brokerage firm he dreamed of working for. He envisioned a company with all best — and none of the worst! — of a large corporate freight brokerage.

Today, Tallgrass agents enjoy the upsides of a corporate brokerage, like professional and dependable back-office service, state-of-the-art technology resources and access to benefits. At the same time, you’re never a number here at Tallgrass Freight. There’s no C-suite stress and all the support you need to thrive.

Explore what sets Tallgrass Freight apart from large corporate brokerages.



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Industry-Leading Compensation

How’s that compensation plan looking? Not so great? Here at Tallgrass, the sky is truly the limit. No salary caps, no complicated structure, no headaches — just a generous split and no worries about getting paid. Corporate brokerages may talk the talk. But Tallgrass walks the walk. How much can you make at Tallgrass? Crunch the numbers yourself!

All our freight agents have access to benefits, including health, dental and vision insurance. And get what you need to take care of your family for the long-term with top-tier financial and estate planning resources too.

Ambitious? So are we. That’s why we reward top agents with incredible incentives, including our Club 200 trip to Las Vegas and our iconic Diamond Club, which includes a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher and a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher.


Unparalleled Culture

Tallgrass Freight provides an environment where our agents are never a number. Our agents share integrity, tenacity and drive — and we treat people like people. Unlike a corporate environment, you’ll find real community here. Our agents find camaraderie with freight agents just as ambitious as they are.

And while we believe in working hard, we believe in playing hard, too! We host numerous events throughout the year, which allows us to know each other better outside of work. Events inclue monthly State of the Union gatherings, family picnics, barbecue competitions and the epic TGF Christmas Party.

Like to win? So do we. Walking away from a corporate freight brokerage doesn’t mean you’ll walk away from awards. In fact, Tallgrass stacks right up to the biggest freight players. We swept the awards once again in 2020, with recognition from Inc. 5000 and as one of the Kansas City Business Journal’s Best Places to Work.


Support to Thrive

We realize that to do great work, freight agents need a reliable infrastructure. So Tallgrass Freight agents have access to a robust carrier database specifically engineered to meet needs. You’ll get the technology and hardware support you need too.

Then there’s our attentive, professional and dedicated back office team. Our operations support leaders deliver support with invoicing, collections and carrier relations. And our Vice President of Growth and Development works hands-on with our freight agents, mentoring and coaching to reach new heights.


Stability and Security

Large brokerages may give off the impression of security, but below the surface, it may be a different story. Here at Tallgrass, we’re both nimble and stable. Our agents don’t worry about credit from carriers and don’t worry about getting paid.

Even in 2020, with countless challenges around the country, Tallgrass Freight had no layoffs and no furloughs. We spent 2020 hiring new team members! No salary cuts, no commission trims. It’s stability our agents can count on.


We’re always looking for high achievers to join us! Make today the day you change the course of your career, earn what you deserve and find the support you’ve always wanted. If you’re an enterprising freight agent looking to leave the unpredictability of big brokerage life behind, contact us today.