Agents learn the ins and outs of growth at the TGF Agent Roundtable

Agents learn the ins and outs of growth at the TGF Agent Roundtable

At Tallgrass Freight, all our freight agents are independent. There’s plenty of joy and freedom in blazing your own path — when you’re working for yourself, the sky is truly the limit. But at the same time, as agents grow, many reach a moment when an extra pair of hands becomes necessary for growth. After all, even the most efficient and driven among us still have just 24 hours in the day. There’s a moment when the decision must be made: If I want to continue growing, do I need assistance?

But TGF freight agents aren’t left alone to answer these big questions. While our agents enjoy all the perks of being an independent contractor, no one is ever flying solo. We’re a team: a crucial part of our company culture is to support each other as we grow. And our TGF Agent Roundtable is just one more way we come together to support our team.

TGF roundtable

We gathered a group of 18 agents from around the globe on July 27 for an informative, authentic conversation about what it takes to grow to new heights, and how to do it well. Hosted at the beautiful 12th Street Room at the Downtown Marriott in Kansas City, Missouri, seven panel members shared their perspectives on expanding their businesses and hiring an assistant or coordinator.

Moderated by Tallgrass’s Vice President of Growth and Development, Trent Flanary, the panel responded to crucial questions like:

  • At what point did you realize you needed an assistant if you were to continue to grow your book of business month over month?
  • What process did you follow to recruit and onboard a quality assistant?
  • What are the responsibilities and tasks your assistant handles in support of your own sales efforts?
  • How did you go about introducing your assistant to your customers?
  • How has adding an assistant allowed you to have more free time, and how do you now use that time to grow?

Damon Anderson, Tallgrass’s CEO and Founder, anchored the panel. Our discussion covered the important questions every agent needs answers to as he or she expands, as our panelists shared actionable insights and strategies they learned as they took their own next steps to build their books of business.

TGF Roundtable

During our TGF Agent Roundtable, we dove into the specifics of hiring an assistant as well, including how to build a great job description, the can’t-miss questions to ask during a job interview and tips for a seamless onboarding process. Our agents walked away with a full game plan, equipped to hire an assistant when the time is right.

And, because we wouldn’t be Tallgrass Freight without our work-hard-play-hard spirit, we wrapped up the day in a suite at Kauffman Stadium. Agents and TGF leadership spent the evening connecting and team-building as we watched the Royals take on the Cleveland Indians.

Interested in a career with all the benefits of working independently, plus the support of a phenomenal team behind you? Then consider joining the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Ready to start? Explore more!