Meet Trent Flanary, Tallgrass Freight’s New VP of Growth and Development

Meet Trent Flanary, Tallgrass Freight’s New VP of Growth and Development

We’re thrilled to announce that we recently hired Trent Flanary to a newly created position: Tallgrass Freight Company’s Vice President of Growth and Development.

It’s no surprise that we’ve maintained an unwavering focus on growth. In addition to increasing our company’s size and revenue, we’re equally committed to helping each of our freight agents grow. And that’s where Trent comes in.

Trent brings with him nearly two decades of experience in sales and operations, including more than 15 years spent in the logistics industry. As part of Tallgrass Freight, Trent will leverage that expertise to create a collaborative sales approach that’s primarily focused on helping our agents grow by retaining their current business, increasing wallet share from existing customers and acquiring new business.

“Too many companies throw salespeople on an island with a sink or swim approach,” Trent said. “Instead, my first order of business is to get to know each of Tallgrass Freight’s agents and, through a collaborative approach, assist them with developing an individual game-plan based on their personal strengths that will lead to their success, as well as the organization’s.”

Since Tallgrass Freight was founded in 2012, part of our secret sauce has been our freight agent network. We empower each of our freight agents to be their own bosses, giving them the freedom to dream big.

Yet that doesn’t mean we leave our agents to navigate the ins and outs of the industry alone. Instead, we support them with a variety of resources—everything from back office support to continuing education to one-on-one mentoring provided by our CEO Damon Anderson and COO David Barnes.

“David and Damon have done an exceptional job in getting Tallgrass Freight agents where they’re at, and now I can help keep them moving forward,” Trent said. “I want to understand what motivates and drives each freight agent, then set goals and develop a plan to achieve them.”

Trent’s collaborative approach to successful sales will not only help our agents achieve their full earning potential; it will also help fuel our growing momentum in the coming months.

“Trent is a leader and he’s helped other organizations grow and improve their overall sales departments and processes. We’ve brought in a great talent to help take Tallgrass Freight to the next level,” David said. “We have lofty goals in 2019, 2020 and beyond, and we need someone in this position to grab the opportunity by the horns.”

That someone is you, Trent. Welcome aboard!