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Agent Testimonial: Jeff

A healthy work-life balance can be an elusive goal for many in the freight industry. It seems there are two paths for agents to take: either become an employee of a freight brokerage and follow their strict rules and procedures for selling and booking freight or become an independent agent and lose what little support you had as part of a large brokerage.

At Tallgrass Freight, we decided to do things differently. We believe you can have a good work-life balance and have your own independent freight business if given the right support! That’s just what Jeff experienced when he left his previous job to become an independent agent with Tallgrass Freight.



Why Tallgrass Freight?

Jeff loves the solution-oriented culture at Tallgrass. “Not only do they give you opportunity within your business to grow,” explains Jeff, “but they take it one step further. I just feel really lucky. I stepped into a really incredible opportunity.”

One of the core values we hold at Tallgrass is partnership with our agents. We understand that when one of us succeeds, we all win! To that purpose, we make sure no one ever flies solo at Tallgrass. “I think what separates Tallgrass from other situations is you’re very much an entrepreneur,” Jeff says. “You have your own autonomy, but there is a huge backroom of support services.” Echoing our value perfectly, Jeff tells us he feels like agents are treated more like partners than employees, “which makes a huge difference.”


The Pursuit of Balance

Jeff hasn’t always had a supportive workplace that facilitated a good work-life balance. As he put it, “Coming from my prior opportunity, balance wasn’t really something that I had. I could never figure out how to juggle work, my family and kids. Then I started to look for another opportunity and I am forever grateful I did.”

Once he found Tallgrass Freight, Jeff found the balance he had been looking for. “I have balance with my family, which is huge to me. I want to be with my kids and my wife. But I also make really, really good money.” As Jeff has also discovered, Tallgrass helps agents grow their businesses and make really, really good money too!


Treated Like Family

“There’s definitely a family atmosphere here,” says Jeff when asked his thoughts on the Tallgrass company culture. “I’ve worked at a lot of jobs and a lot of different levels, and I’ve never had anyone put that much energy into making sure that people were taken care of.”

Jeff sees how everything at Tallgrass Freight is built on this principle of support and family. No matter who Jeff is talking to in the back office, their focus is always on how they can help him and facilitate growth for his business.

“A lot of times in business, the dollar is put before the people,” explains Jeff. “That’s not the case here. Everything is very people-centric. It’s all about taking care of the people they have on staff and even the agents. That’s 100% what makes it a breath of fresh air.”


Breathe in Success with Tallgrass

If that fresh air Jeff talks about sounds like just the refresher to your freight career that you need, we’d love to talk about how Tallgrass can help you grow! Contact us to learn more about becoming an independent agent at Tallgrass Freight.