The TGF Difference: Before Vs. After Joining the Tallgrass Family

The TGF Difference: Before Vs. After Joining the Tallgrass Family

When you’re in your current role, it’s hard to envision anything else. We get it.

But here’s the thing: Something far better is waiting for you on the other side. That something better is your career at Tallgrass Freight.

Are we bragging? Yes. Why? Because we’ve cultivated an unparalleled culture here — a culture that’s conducive to the success and genuine fulfillment of our freight agents. Explore what your freight career will look like when you make the move to Tallgrass.


Before joining Tallgrass Freight: Headaches. 

After joining Tallgrass Freight: Genuine Support & Collaboration.

If you’re working for a large brokerage, you’re likely thankful for the national footprint, brand recognition and access to an abundance of technology. But once you look beyond those benefits, however, you find yourself frustrated by the office politics, bureaucracy and snail-like pace of C-suite management when it comes to making things happen. All these frustrations fuel your stress and hinder your upward mobility. 

At Tallgrass, our freight agents enjoy the advantages of being aligned with a corporate brokerage — like our world-class back-office support, full suite of benefits and state-of-the-art technology! — but with the spirit and mentality of a small company environment. 

As our COO and co-owner David Barnes explains, “At Tallgrass, you’re never just another number. We genuinely care about each and every single one of our agents, and we will continue to go the extra mile to show how invested we are in their success.” 

TGF’s greatest asset is, no contest, our people. After all, in order for agents to truly thrive, they need a strong and reliable infrastructure to support them. And to be clear, it’s so much more than a week of training or simply handing over a bunch of tools. There’s mentorship, knowledge sharing and access to our operations team, who deliver unparalleled support with carrier relations, invoicing and collections. In addition to the ongoing coaching provided by our VP of Growth and Development, freight agents are able to leverage a vast library of resources, including our robust carrier database and cutting-edge technology. 


Before joining Tallgrass Freight: A Ceiling. 

After joining Tallgrass Freight: An Industry-Leading Compensation Program.

Being at the mercy of corporate decision-makers can really prohibit you from earning what you truly deserve. Between salary caps, reduced commission payouts and furloughs, even the most talented freight agents can feel stuck. 

Forget the not-so-great compensation plans elsewhere. At TGF, you have the opportunity to build and expand upon your book of business. 

Capped commission? Not here. An insanely intricate payout structure? No, thanks. Here, we’re about high splits, larger-than-life rewards programs and financially celebrating your accomplishments. 

How much can you actually make at Tallgrass? We’re big believers in transparency at TGF. And to prove it, we’ve built our very own compensation calculator, so you are able to crunch the numbers and see for yourself! 

Our compensation program also gives agents access to health, dental and vision benefits, as well as resources to aid in long-term financial and estate planning. And we can’t get enough of rewarding our agents for their accomplishments. Among a myriad of incentives is our Club 200 trip to Las Vegas and our Diamond Club, which supplies top agents with a $5,000 Delta Airlines voucher and a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. 

Oh, and stay tuned, because we’re unveiling our biggest rewards program ever in 2021 for our most elite agents – it’s going to be epic


Before joining Tallgrass Freight: A Poor Culture.

After joining Tallgrass Freight: Genuine Camaraderie & a Thriving Environment

Our team of freight agents share many of the same qualities, like tenacity, integrity, and drive. Instead of treating them like cattle that we herd in and out of the office each day, we’ve decided to take a completely insane approach: treating people like actual people. Gasp. It’s beautiful to see the community, collaboration and friendships that blossom here. 

Our work hard, play hard atmosphere is woven into our DNA. That’s why we invest time in planning and hosting numerous events throughout the year. We think both work-life balance and getting to know your teammates outside of work is incredibly important. We throw family picnics, an annual roundtable event, barbecue competitions, and our much-anticipated Christmas Party

Why are our people so important to us? Because they are the reason we continue to thrive and innovate as a company. We swept the awards once again in 2020 – earning both local and national recognition – all because we do right by our agents and invest in their success.


So, what do you want your 2021 year to look like? If you want it to be defined by support, earning what you deserve, and finding a career that’ll propel you to new heights, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Ready to leave those “befores” behind? Learn more about joining our team of freight agents today!