Tallgrass Freight Continues Rapid Growth, Acquires Westport Business Group

Tallgrass Freight Continues Rapid Growth, Acquires Westport Business Group

It’s been an incredible year for all of us at Tallgrass Freight Company, and we have no plans to slow down! We’re excited to announce that we recently completed the acquisition of Westport Business Group, a strategic move that will help us expand both our book of business and team.

Why Westport Business Group? One of the biggest deciding factors was the experience of the company’s two principles, Jeremy Hill and Scott Ragan. They each bring more than 15 years of freight industry experience to the table.

And we already have plans to put their extensive knowledge to work. Both Jeremy and Scott are joining Tallgrass Freight as directors of truckload operations and, to start, will help guide the expansion of our offices to the West Coast.

“We are extremely excited to have Westport Business Group join the Tallgrass Freight family,” said David Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Tallgrass Freight Company. “We not only added a great group of customers to our business, but we also added a valuable asset with both Jeremy and Scott’s experience.”

The acquisition of Westport Business Group comes amid an incredibly successful year. Tallgrass Freight is projected to finish 2018 with 700% growth over our 2016 revenue.

“This gives us significant momentum going into 2019, during which we expect to again double our revenue,” David said.

Additional acquisitions are also in the works, including one that’s expected to close by 2018. At this rate, Tallgrass Freight will be on track to hit a momentous milestone in just three years.

“By adding revenue through acquisitions and continued organic growth, we expect to be a $100 million company by 2021,” David said.

See what we mean about not slowing down? We will, of course, continue to keep you posted on our company growth and other news.

In the meantime, we want to extend a warm welcome to Jeremy, Scott and Westport Business Group. We’re thrilled to have you on board as part of the Tallgrass Freight family!