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Tallgrass Adds Two Strategic Partners to Accelerate Next Growth Phase

On the heels of a successful 2017 — highlights of which included 150 percent revenue growth and hiring more than 20 new agents and employees — we’re moving full steam ahead into 2018. Aggressive company growth is among our top priorities for the year, and to help ensure we meet our goals, we’re proud to announce two new strategic partners: CFO David Alverson and TriMoxie Marketing.

Alverson brings extensive experience in both public accounting and private equity-backed firms to his CFO role. Strategic management consulting is also among Alverson’s skills, an especially good fit for Tallgrass as we navigate the next phase of our company growth.

Just as we offer an unconventional approach to freight brokerage, we stepped out of the box when planning for the addition of a CFO.

“We’re a company of the size where we need leadership and experience on the finance side, but at the same time, we don’t yet have enough full-time CFO work that needs to be done,” says David Barnes, Chief Operating Officer, Tallgrass Freight Company. “Instead, David joined us as a fractional CFO to offer a hybrid of strategic management consulting and CFO expertise.”

In addition to his role as CFO with Tallgrass Freight Company, Alverson is also a managing partner of Crown Consulting Services. Although working as a fractional CFO allows for more professional flexibility than a standard full-time role, Alverson is invested in Tallgrass for the long haul and is committed to playing an integral role in the company’s future success.

“My work with Tallgrass is a long-term arrangement,” Alverson says. “I’m here to help David grow his business and take the company where he wants it to go.”

We’re also excited to work with TriMoxie Marketing, a full-service strategic firm founded by Amy Leiker, a 20-year marketing veteran.

Amy brings extensive, results-driven experience to the table with TriMoxie Marketing, as well as a unique ownership mentality that equips her to quickly dig into a company, spot opportunities to meet business goals, then formulate a strategic plan to make those goals a reality.

And as an accomplished executive who left the corporate world to start her own marketing agency, Amy personally connected with Tallgrass Freight’s approach to business.

“I enjoy working with Tallgrass Freight because we’re both fierce leaders and market disrupters who thrive on our entrepreneurial spirit to drive change,” she says. “Like my team at TriMoxie Marketing, Tallgrass Freight prioritizes strategic thinking and an accelerated pace of work that gets results. They’re great people with a great product, and I’m looking forward to a long partnership.

Adding both Alverson and TriMoxie Marketing as Tallgrass Freight partners deepens the overall competencies of our leadership team, ensuring we take a holistic and thoughtful approach to business growth. Both partners excel at crafting a 50,000-foot vision, yet aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and dive into the weeds to help ensure both long-term success and optimal day-to-day operations.

Not a bad way to start the year, right? We’re thrilled to have David Alverson and TriMoxie Marketing on board as strategic partners to accomplish big things in 2018. Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll keep you updated on our progress!