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Rewarding Our Award-Winning Team: The Insane Incentives Our Agents Enjoy

Creating the best freight agent culture in the industry does not come without a lion’s share of rewards. After all, if you have an award-winning team, you reward them accordingly! 

At Tallgrass, we offer freight agents the kind of career that’s about more than just getting from point A to point B. Our freight agents build businesses they’re proud of while getting support from a passionate team cheering them on — every step of the way.

What does it look like when our freight agents find success, as they so often do? Take a look at our out-of-this-world reward programs . . . and get ready for a celebration of your own when you join our award-winning team.


Club 200: Gross Profit for the Win 

What better way to celebrate your success than with a trip to Vegas? While many freight broker programs focus on top-line revenue, we think differently. Club 200 is all about gross margin and celebrates the Tallgrass freight agents who generate $200,000+ in margin for the calendar year.

What matters are the margins. That’s just one of the ways we like to think entrepreneurially here at Tallgrass. We want to celebrate agents not only for how much revenue they bring in, but for the gross profit they enjoy. 

To really enjoy that gross profit success, Club 200 freight agents and their plus-one take off for an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas. There’s nothing like celebrating a win with even more wins on the Strip! After a great year, we escape the winter blues in January for a little sun and celebration with our Club 200 agents. Our hardworking freight brokers deserve to play hard too! With a plus-one on their arms, our freight agents enjoy world-class dining, extraordinary shows, casino experiences, live music, sensational spas and more. Talk about a fine way to celebrate our success! 

Sound exciting? You might want to check out how to Become an Agent at Tallgrass Freight. 


Diamond Club: Choose Your Adventure

When freight brokers earn $500,000 or more in gross profit in a year? The destination is up to them! We like to reward our extremely ambitious and dedicated freight agents with a dream trip of their choice. 

Diamond Club qualifiers receive a $5,000 Delta Airlines travel voucher AND a $3,000 Marriott travel voucher. Want to take that fantastic trip to Hawaii? Ready to sail in the sunset in Tahiti? Or split up that reward and take a few luxurious long weekends?

With an extraordinary freight agent career, you could be taking a number of trips throughout the year or ticking off your bucket list one dream time at a time. Hey, if you’re feeling generous, you can even share the reward with family, friends or team members. 

Diamond Club freight agents have earned the freedom to travel anywhere with anyone. Plus, they also get to join Club 200 in Las Vegas! 


Elite Circle: Your Dreams, Our Plans

How do you possibly reward the best of the best? Only a once-in-a-lifetime experience will do the trick. That is the reward for our award-winning team members who earn $1,000,000 or more in gross margin in one year. This is the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure reward!

Let’s spell it out for you. That travel dream you have at the top of your list? It’s yours. Freight agents who make the Elite Circle are rewarded with a life-changing trip for two anywhere in the world, to any event they could possibly desire. Who wants to see the Super Bowl? Scuba dive in the Aegean Sea? Take a cruise to the Arctic? When you’re in the Elite Circle, your wish is our command.  

If a freight agent can dream it, we’ll bring it to life. Welcome to the Elite Circle. (And yes, you’ll also get to join the team on a fantastic Club 200 Vegas vacation each year!)


Why Rewards Matter 

Rewards at Tallgrass are more than just sales incentives. They are huge, all-out celebrations of our agents’ achievements. Our reward programs are just one more way that we show we’re different from any other freight agent program out there. We are all about our people and we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. 

Want to experience these insane incentives for yourself? Become an Agent today. We’d love to have you on board.