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Market Pulse: Is There a Demand for Freight Brokers in 2024?

The logistics landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, the role of a freight broker too. So you might be wondering: is there a demand for freight brokers? Is there still a place for freight brokers in today’s ever-changing environment? At Tallgrass Freight, we believe the answer is a resounding yes.

The role of freight brokers in the trucking industry has grown dramatically since the early 2000s. Then, they only handled a small fraction, around 6% of freight. Today, estimates show they manage 25%-30% of freight, a significant market share, with others suggesting the figure is closer to 50%. And more than 61% of brokers are expecting demand growth in the freight ecosystem.

But what makes being a freight broker truly worthwhile? Here at Tallgrass, we believe it’s the perfect blend of independence, support and a culture that empowers you to thrive. 


The Ultimate Autonomy

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, a career as a freight broker offers unlimited possibilities. We’re not just blowing smoke up your you-know-what. As a freight broker, you have the autonomy to be your own boss. That means calling the shots and crafting a career that aligns with your goals, like work-life balance and more family vacations. 

As an independent freight agent, you also have the flexibility to adapt to market shifts—up or down—without sweating about pink slips or corporate layoffs. That means enjoying the stability that comes with trusting your abilities. You can leverage your knowledge, skills, and insights to navigate the dynamic freight market and continue building success. 

“Our agents are proving every single month that they are only increasing the amount of new business that they’re bringing on compared to what they’ve done year over year,” says Sean Richardson, President of Tallgrass Freight Co. “Our agents are constantly looking for ways to get better, constantly looking for ways to grow and to diversify their business.” 

And unlike other agencies that might restrict you, you have the flexibility to build your agency exactly how you envision it at Tallgrass. You bring the ambition, and we’ll bring the support and resources to back you up. 

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Benefits & Earning Power

Forget salary caps. At Tallgrass, your earning potential is truly uncapped. High splits and uncapped commissions mean you get rewarded for your hard work. But it’s not just about the money (although let’s be honest, that’s pretty sweet too). We believe in taking care of our agents, which is why we offer top-notch health, dental and vision benefits, along with expert financial and tax planning resources. After all, when you bring home big paychecks, you’ll want expert guidance to navigate your financial future.

“​​I look at the next 12 months as nothing but an opportunity for growth,” Richardson says.


The Tallgrass Difference

There are many different freight agency models out there. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve heard some horror stories. Unsupportive leadership, tons of administrative work, fending for yourself — the list goes on. This just isn’t our vibe. We value transparency, and we’ll always give it to you straight. After all, your career deserves nothing but the best. That means no office politics, no sketchy compensation program and no going it alone. 

At Tallgrass, we empower you to focus on client growth (and that elusive work-life balance) by providing top-notch back-office support. Everything from collections to tech support, you’ll have it at your fingertips. Our custom-built CRM helps you tackle tedious tasks and streamline workflow while providing robust reporting and ongoing training. 

But we don’t stop there. Unlike typical onboarding checklists, we offer continuous education and mentorship to propel your long-term success. Collaborate with industry veterans, brainstorm with fellow agents at our Agent Roundtable events and gain unrestricted access to leadership. All of this means you can meet the demand for freight brokers.

Forget the isolation of traditional entrepreneurship! Here, you’ll thrive in a collaborative environment where camaraderie and support are the norm. We celebrate your wins, invest in your growth, and constantly seek ways to strengthen our agent community. We’re biased, but we’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal.

“We’ve got a team of high-talent individuals running independent agencies under Tallgrass,” Richarson says. “When you’ve got a driven individual or a group of individuals pursuing that path and pushing forward on their plan, no matter what the market’s doing, they find a way to get it done.” 


Is There a Demand for Freight Brokers? The Answer is Clear

The world of logistics is constantly evolving, and you might be wondering: is there still a demand for freight brokers? There are always opportunities out there for you to seize. It simply takes dedication, the right mindset and a willingness to adapt to changing market needs. We see passionate individuals crush their goals every day. And you can too.

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