Learn How to Fast Track Your Freight Agency’s Growth in Our eBook

Learn How to Fast Track Your Freight Agency’s Growth in Our eBook

There’s a common thread that binds together all of our agents here at Tallgrass freight: passion, tenacity and an entrepreneurial mindset. While each of our agents has the autonomy to build their own book of business, along with access to the support and resources needed to thrive, success doesn’t happen overnight. Long-term, sustainable success comes from dedication, an abundance of small wins, and consistency. 

We’ve tapped into the minds of our most successful freight agents and industry veterans to identify the strategies they’ve used to propel their business to new heights. We took all of those insights and packaged them into our free freight agency eBook, Fast Track Your Freight Agency. 

Are you ready to grow your freight brokerage? Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside. 



Planning & Structure

Time management, as well as approaching each day, week and month with a plan, is an essential part of building a successful freight business. Over time, you’ll accumulate enough data to crunch the numbers and look at how to grow your freight agency through an ROI perspective. You’ll have the insight needed to plan your days based on the activities that have proven to yield the greatest success. 


Communication Skills

In order to build credibility and offer your clients unparalleled service, you need to prioritize communication. Staying updated on the status of shipments will ensure you can tackle any unforeseen hurdles in a timely manner. It also allows you to connect with your clients and provide thoughtful solutions should a setback arise. 

Communication is also crucial in how you approach building and nurturing relationships with your customers and prospects. Formal and informal check-ins not only help establish trust, but it moves relationships beyond just being transactional. When you’re genuinely invested, your clients will be too — and that translates into retention, referrals, and more business. 


Common Mistakes Freight Agents Make

We delve into the top four common mistakes agents make in our eBook, but we’ll give you a look at one area that can easily thwart the growth of your freight agency: complacency. Just when agents begin to thrive, instead of pushing forward, they can fall into a routine of complacency. Coasting, when you should be hustling, will quickly hinder the growth of your freight brokerage. 

Don’t ever pump the brakes! Maintaining success requires you to consistently leverage the tactics you’ve used since day one to enjoy growth and profitability.


Catapult Your Freight Agency to New Levels of Success

You’ll find a myriad of additional resources in our new eGuide – but we couldn’t help giving you a little preview of the immense value and game-changing insights you’ll find inside. 


Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to learn expert strategies straight from TGF’s top-performing agents. Ready to fast-track the growth of your freight agency?