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How to Get Started in Freight

With greater demand for freight across our world due to the rise of ecommerce, the work of a freight agent is even more valuable today. So what exactly is a freight agent? 

A freight agent is the crucial intermediary between the shipper and the carrier, arranging for the vital transport of goods and ensuring they reach their destination on time. Working for a freight brokerage, a freight agent builds his or her own book of business as a freight entrepreneur.

The freight agent profession can be a rewarding, long-term career with untapped earning potential in a growing, sought-after industry. It’s easy to see why so many people today are drawn to the idea of becoming a freight agent. Yet in order to thrive as a freight agent and build a successful book of business, you need to have some key traits and experience as you get started. 

As the nation’s leading freight brokerage with some of the best agents in the country, we know what you need (and what you don’t) to achieve the freight agent career you desire. You can trust our expertise and transparency. That’s why we created this free ebook to help you discover whether a freight agent career is right for you AND understand what it takes to get started successfully. Here’s what you’ll find inside:


The Non-Negotiable, Must-Have Characteristics of a Successful Freight Agent

Some freight agents are born. Others are made. Regardless, there are vital characteristics that need to be ingrained in who you are if you’re going to make it as a freight agent. After all, with your talent and experience, you could likely pursue a career in several directions. Knowing these non-negotiables will help you identify right away whether you should keep exploring a freight agent career path

Ultimately, the most successful freight agents are ambitious, driven and tenacious. “Anybody can do our job when things are picked up on time and dropped off on time with no issues. That’s very easy,” says Tallgrass President Sean Richardson. “But the really good brokers — those who last a long time in the industry — are able to last through the challenges and through the tough times. They’re able to provide plans to resolve issues, and they’re able to help customers when things get frustrating.”

And if you meet these key characteristics (or if you’re working towards meeting them), you can have the affirmation you need to continue exploring this lucrative and rewarding profession. Plus, you’ll have a foundational reference to fall back on when you’re in the thick of building your book of business day in and day out as a freight agent. Intrigued yet? Download your free ebook!


The Top Attributes and Experience Recruiters Want in a Freight Agent

Maybe you’re already a couple years into your freight agent career. Or you have experience in other freight jobs and are seeking your first job at a brokerage. Perhaps you’re aspiring to work long-term in a freight agency program like Tallgrass Freight Co. and wonder what we look for in our agents. 

No matter where you’re coming from, we’ll share the most important qualifications and experience top recruiters look for when hiring freight agents. These insights will help you understand how you can separate yourself from other candidates when applying for freight agent positions and give you confidence for your upcoming interviews.


Valuable Advice for Landing Your First Freight Brokerage Job

If you’re ready to pursue a freight brokerage job or want to explore it further, these valuable tips will help you understand what you need to do next, as if you’re talking to a seasoned freight agent offering some key advice. From the right research you can do to learn more about freight agency careers to the training you shouldn’t waste your money on and contract details you’ll want to avoid in your first job, these insights aren’t to be missed when you’re trying to get a foot in the door to your new freight agent career.  


Download Our Free Ebook Today to Understand if a Freight Agent Career is Right for You

At Tallgrass Freight, we’re always looking for new talent to join our expanding freight agent program. If you’re interested in a freight agent career and desire to know the honest truth about what you need to work at a world-class brokerage like ours, download our free ebook today to get started.