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Giving Freight Agents a Voice with our Steering Committee

Here at Tallgrass, we’ve built the best freight brokerage in the country. How? By valuing our freight agents more than anything else. “At Tallgrass, you’re not just another number,” says our co-owner and COO, David Barnes. “We genuinely care about each and every single one of our agents, and we will continue to go the extra mile to show how invested we are in their success.”

At many companies, voicing your opinion is next to impossible. But at Tallgrass, we truly believe in empowering diverse perspectives. We’ve witnessed first-hand how impactful our agents can be in an environment that values their voices and ideas. The best ideas can come from anyone and everyone in a company! So in an effort to continuously improve our freight agent program, we’ve launched our Steering Committee to help further feedback, innovation and creativity from our agents. Explore more.


The Inside Scoop on Our Steering Committee

Our steering committee is composed of five independent freight agents who volunteer their time to meet quarterly and discuss ideas surrounding processes, opportunities for improvement and even complaints — all with the goal of building a better TGF. These meetings occur without leadership present, providing agents with the freedom to speak their minds. 

From continuing education to technology, nothing is off the table when it comes to refining and enhancing the way we operate. It’s all in the spirit of making tomorrow’s Tallgrass better than today’s. “We want our people to have their voices heard because we want to become better,” Barnes continues. “If there’s something we can improve here at Tallgrass Freight, we want to hear about it.” 


The Steering Committee Enhances Our Freight Agent Program Culture

We’ve all been there: We know it can be tough (read: intimidating) to approach corporate leadership and point out areas that need to be fixed. 

But Tallgrass is different. We know those challenging conversations can lead to phenomenal ideas and really drive a company’s growth!

Our doors are always open, and we love having these conversations. But we also understand the need for our team to have a safe space where they can openly and honestly express themselves. Sometimes, it’s easier to talk to your peers. That’s why we decided to form our Steering Committee. 

At many companies, there’s no clear pathway to send complaints or ideas up the chain of command. If you’re lucky, and your frustration or lightbulb moment does happen to reach the ears of C-suite leadership, no action is ever taken. 

When a company stops listening, they also stop growing. But here at TGF, all we do is grow.


The Steering Committee is just one of the many ways we are solidifying a culture where each of our freight agents are valued and heard. Since day one, our people have been an integral part of our growth and success – and we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. “Our freight agent network is a partnership,” says Barnes. “You’re not working for Tallgrass Freight. You’re working with us.”

When you join Tallgrass Freight, you’re joining a freight agent program that values your input, a company where you can make a REAL difference. Learn more about how you can build a rewarding career with us by joining our team today.