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Get to Know Our Recruiting Team

With the right people who treat each other the right way, we strive to represent the future of freight brokerage. Tallgrass Freight Co. is a destination company for top-tier agents who want to thrive — and the journey to join our agent network starts with our Recruitment team!

In the same way that a house is only as strong as its foundation, our company and our agents are only as strong as our leaders. That’s what it means to be part of our team and to live out our culture. Our vision is to build the best freight brokerage in the country, and our Recruitment team is on the front lines building a team to do just that. Get to know the professionals who lead the charge to engage the best of the best as Tallgrass Freight Agents.


Sean Richardson | VP of Growth & Development

Sean Richardson

As the Vice President of Growth & Development, Sean provides new Tallgrass agents with personalized coaching and mentorship designed to help them assimilate into the TGF culture and community. With more than 10 years of experience as a manager, freight broker and agency owner in the logistics industry, Sean is a valuable asset to new members of the Tallgrass family.

Sean partners with new agents during their first 90 days at TGF. “Our goal is to mitigate any obstacles they’re running into, celebrate their wins, helping them replicate successful habits, be a sounding board and provide the resources needed to thrive,” Sean says. Get to know Sean >>




Kayla Hall-Johnson | Recruiting Manager

As the Recruiting Manager, Kayla Hall-Johnson’s mission is to show potential team members how Tallgrass Freight offers all the tools necessary for success. “I was sold on the fact that I’m offering freedom to freight agents at TGF,” Kayla says. “You can come in and work as much as you want, make money and have a family backing you up.”

“We’re going to support you like a family does,” Kayla explains. “No matter your background, once you fall under the Tallgrass Freight umbrella, you are treated with respect.” Meet Kayla >>





Dave Sullivan | Senior Agent Recruiter

Dave Sullivan

Dave Sullivan spends his days cultivating partners for the Tallgrass Freight agent team in his role as Senior Agent Recruiter. Based in Boston, and recruiting both in the New England region and around the country, Dave enjoys being part of a rapidly expanding company. “I love the way Tallgrass Freight is growing,” Dave says. “Your contributions can really move the needle here.”

“I love the fact that I’m not boxed in,” Dave shares — because the sky is truly the limit at Tallgrass. He’s enthusiastic about Tallgrass’s efficient and effective recruitment process, which allows him to make quality connections with potential TGF agents. Get to know Dave >>





Chris Moore | Senior Agent Recruiter

Chris Moore

As a Senior Agent Recruiter, Chris Moore introduces potential team members to the Tallgrass ecosystem, illustrating why our unparalleled culture is an ideal environment to build a thriving freight broker career. “Recruiting has been a part of my professional career my entire life,” Chris shares. “It’s not only fulfilling, meaningful work, but I love the daily exposure to different individuals and personalities.”

Tallgrass immediately stood out to Chris because of the company culture. “From a cultural perspective, Tallgrass is spot on,” he says. “Everyone I’ve met, from the interview process on forward, is exceptional.” Meet Chris >>




At Tallgrass Freight, agents find both the freedom and the support they need to thrive. Our agents focus on what they love most about being a freight broker. Our team shares integrity, tenacity and ambition. There’s never been a better time to become a Tallgrass agent. You won’t find this anywhere else. Join our independent agent network today!