Decision Engine Updates, Other Improvements Among Steering Committee Takeaways

Decision Engine Updates, Other Improvements Among Steering Committee Takeaways

It’s crazy how fast 2018 is flying by, isn’t it? We recently held our second Steering Committee meeting of the year and came away from the discussion with invaluable feedback from our network of freight agents.

We launched the Steering Committee initiative last year as part of an ongoing effort to ensure we’re delivering a welcoming and vibrant company culture in which our freight agents and employees feel heard, recognized and valued.

The committee meets quarterly to share ideas and suggestions gathered from our freight agents. But that discussion is only part of the equation. The rest of the meeting is geared toward creating an action plan to implement the feedback. That way, our freight agents and employees can see their input in action and never question how important they are to the company and its success.

Here are a few discussion highlights from our Q2 meeting:

    • As a direct result of freight agent feedback, we’ll be refining Truckload Corner, internal insight about the trucking market that’s regularly compiled by our CEO, Damon Anderson, and distributed to our freight agent network. The updated resource will include a mix of market trends and industry insight blended with tips and recommendations to help our freight agents optimize their workflows.
    • A key part of our more recent Steering Committee meetings has included gathering user feedback on our proprietary Decision Engine, a digital platform that aggregates LTL rates from various partners who work in a particular service area so that freight agents can more easily select the best possible provider based on relevant criteria. We rolled out the Decision Engine for internal use earlier this year, and, since then, have been collecting feedback and suggestions so that we can further refine and improve the powerful tool before launching it publicly in the coming weeks. In our Q2 Steering Committee meeting, we discussed the Help page and, with the help of Mike Clemmons, vice president, Operations, we’ll be refining the page so that it’s faster to navigate and use.
    • Last but not least, we’re in the process of updating our company intranet. One of the goals is to make performance-related metrics more visible to our freight agents, especially in the wake of our Club 150 launch. A little friendly competition can be an excellent motivator!

We’ll gather again in a few weeks for our Q3 Steering Committee meeting, which will include the introduction of our new committee members, each of whom serve a one-year term. Stay tuned to the blog and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.