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Debbie Fults

Debbie Fults


Accounting Manager

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7 & 7 

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Wonder Woman

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Debbie Fults is Accounting Manager at Tallgrass Freight, taking on accounts payables, improving transactions and performing analyses. “I get to use my insight on the connections necessary between staff,” Debbie shares. “That helps me bring those areas up and discuss ways to make improvements and automate processes.”

Debbie got her start in accounting while working at an intellectual property law firm. As she advanced in her education, she worked in accounting for a national auto body repair network during its startup phase and served there until the company sold 10 years later. Jumping into contract work as an independent accountant, Debbie built expertise in numerous industries and experienced a variety of environments and software. 

“People are happy to come in and be productive. They’re patient, polite and positive all the time.”

At Tallgrass Freight, Debbie enjoys working with Tallgrass’s active, on-site leadership. “They’re still developing best practices, and I like to be involved in that development. It’s all becoming automated down the road. I’m excited to participate in that.”

“It’s a great atmosphere here,” Debbie adds. “People are happy to come in and be productive. They’re patient, polite and positive all the time.”

For independent freight agents, Debbie sees a wonderful opportunity here at Tallgrass. “Agents have free rein to make their bookings,” she says. “It’s not a strict atmosphere. Agents are comfortable and have leeway in structuring their own schedule. That gives them drive and autonomy.”

After work, Debbie enjoys spending time with her family riding bikes and taking weekend road trips, and heading to the dog park with her terrier mix.

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