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Tallgrass Introduces Automated Customer Updates with MacroPoint

Good news: you can check “confirm on-time delivery” off of your to-do list!

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing exemplary logistics services to our customers, we recently announced a continuation of our partnership with MacroPoint that will help give our customers automated visibility into their deliveries.

MacroPoint has earned a well-deserved reputation as an industry leader in freight visibility and matching. Their integrated platform tracks full truckload and flatbed carriers by GPS using their smartphones, then consolidates that tracking data in one centralized location.

As part of the MacroPoint network, we’ll have access to that real-time tracking and automated alerts, which we’ll share with our customers. Now, instead of calling a driver or wasting time worrying about a late delivery, you’ll get automated email updates so that you can focus your attention elsewhere.

We’re excited about adding even more value for our customers. And we have no doubt our freight agents will benefit, too. After all, each of our agents strives to deliver the best service to each of their clients. By leveraging MacroPoint’s capabilities, our freight agents can give each of their customers full visibility into each truckload, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from knowing deliveries are made on time.

We began working with MacroPoint two years ago, and they’ve proven to be an effective, valuable and forward-thinking partner. We actively look for ways to use technology to improve our services, efficiency and overall operations, and MacroPoint’s platform has been a robust addition to our in-house CRM and our proprietary decision engine.

Thanks to everyone at MacroPoint for making this partnership possible. Here’s to the next two years!