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Introducing extended cargo coverage with Falvey Insurance

Here at Tallgrass, our team shares integrity, tenacity and ambition. We pride ourselves on our top-notch carrier relationships and our service-first culture. So, in that spirit, Tallgrass Freight Co. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Falvey Insurance, offering extended and expanded cargo insurance for Truckload and LTL shipments.

For customers requiring more than the traditional insurance ($100,000 in cargo and standard LTL liabilities based on pounds) on any shipment, our new partnership with Falvey Insurance makes the process simple, and the pricing easy to calculate. For our customers, this means greater peace of mind and service that’s more streamlined than ever. In other words, we’ve got your back.

For our agents, this simplifies and streamlines the process, allows us to deliver better-than-ever service and shipments. This expanded coverage eliminates obstacles to serving higher-value clients. 

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Armed with this resource, agents are empowered to serve the broadest spectrum of clients. Tallgrass Freight independent agents can deliver a more rounded offering, and can confidently promise their customers the highest tier of coverage, anytime they need it. No more hoops to jump through, no more hiccups or workarounds. Full-service logistics solutions, like it should be. 

We’re proud to partner with Falvey Insurance because of their outstanding reputation as an industry leader. Falvey’s customer service is spot-on, as our own CEO Damon Anderson can attest. Like Tallgrass agents, Falvey prioritizes strong, straightforward communication. In other words, Falvey’s culture mirrors ours. 

Every Tallgrass Freight partner is chosen them with care, and Falvey is no exception. Our partnership with Falvey is one more facet of our commitment to our customers and our freight agents. 

Are you a freight agent who’s committed to offering your customers the very best? We’re actively recruiting dedicated, talented independent freight agents to join us. At TGF, you can focus on delivering excellent service as a freight broker — and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Find out more about being a Tallgrass agent now and reach out to us to continue the conversation.