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Freight Market Outlook for Q2: An Ideal Time to Become a Tallgrass Freight Broker

It’s a great time to be a freight broker — and our Tallgrass Freight experts agree. As we look towards the second quarter of 2021 and beyond, anticipated market conditions indicate that the freight market is where you want to be. And to be with the best of the best in freight, Tallgrass is your destination. 

Join us as we look forward to what the freight market holds, and what this means for your freight career. 


Sky’s the Limit: Upward Trends to Grow Your Book of Business

The freedom and flexibility that comes with being an independent freight agent is an opportunity that cannot be matched.  For a solid month, we’ve seen freight rates skyrocket. With more than 400,000 potential customers in the U.S., many are interested in looking at a new freight broker. Because rates and demand are high, customers need out-of-the-box solutions and agents who are willing to outwork the competition to solve challenges. 

In this quarter and the next, our freight market outlook is bright. That means the outlook for your freight career is too. In a market where customers are scrambling to find trucks or lower rates, brokers have plenty of space to help solve problems and deliver solutions. 


Seasonal Shifts and Market Opportunities

We can point to the wide-reaching winter storm in late February and its resulting energy disparities as a key driver for rising freight rates. For almost a week, a large portion of the country with the largest economy in the world was shut down.

As the snow melted, a flood of freight became available. (And yes, you guessed it, that’s great news for your freight career.) Current, everyday freight, plus the need to deliver freight held back from the winter storm, means the demand for trucks has never been higher. 

As we look forward into the second quarter, we can anticipate the annual demand spike that accompanies spring production. Seasonal producers are starting to hit the shelves with their products, in everything from yard maintenance to outdoor entertaining, home improvement to gardening and more. 2020 brought high demand for outdoor experiences during the lockdown and pandemic, as consumers found both joy and safety outside. As Americans start to gather in groups once again, we see the trend continuing. 

If you’re hungry and driven, you’ll be in good company here at Tallgrass Freight, where our agents are delivering the kind of top-tier service that customers won’t find elsewhere.


Looking Forward with Optimism

With national lockdowns and restrictions lessening, we look forward to an increase in consumer purchases. More people are returning to in-office work, gatherings are popping on the calendar once again and consumer confidence is growing as financial challenges of COVID-19 ease up. This all adds up to greater freight demand.

We saw the winners of the pandemic — companies in sporting goods, trampolines and bikes — explode in sales. So which arenas are likely to be the next winners as we look forward beyond the pandemic? A likely forecast is entertainment, outdoor events and (probably come fall) tradeshows as folks return to much-anticipated concerts, shows, music festivals and other large-scale events. These events can mean big business for freight agents working with staging companies, event sales/supplies and more. With this freight boom on the horizon, there’s no better time to become a Tallgrass Freight agent.


It has always been an amazing time to be part of Tallgrass Freight! But the freight market outlook and indicators are clear: as we walk into the second quarter of 2021, it’s an ideal time to become part of our network of agents. With Tallgrass Freight, you’ll find a team of independent freight agents who feel more like family. We’re excited about all that’s ahead and look forward to the future with confidence. Become part of the Tallgrass family as an independent freight agent!