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Unlock success by embracing the entrepreneurial mindset as a freight agent at Tallgrass.

Explore the advantages of becoming an independent freight agent and how Tallgrass can propel you toward greater success in our downloadable Ebook.

Feeling apprehensive about diving into freight entrepreneurship?

We get it! After all, entrepreneurship can feel intimidating.

There are legitimate reasons why the idea of starting your own freight agency might seem daunting at the moment. Being a freight entrepreneur has its fair share of hurdles, including concerns about stability in a constantly evolving industry.

If you’ve considered life as an independent freight agent, you’re probably wondering: Do I have what it takes? Can I really earn enough to provide a nice living for myself and my family? How about benefits? What about the timeline to build my book of business?

The unknown might be a bit scary. But here’s the good news: At Tallgrass, we are invested in YOU and value our partnership, providing the resources and support needed to build the freight agency of your dreams.

Let’s explore the advantages of becoming an independent freight agent and how Tallgrass can propel you toward greater success.

Now is the time to start your freight brokerage — We'll settle the case for it in our ebook.

— Advantages of Freight Entrepreneurship

Your future, your rules: Embrace flexibility and autonomy.

There are no limits to what you can achieve! Own your future.

Beyond expectations: Serve customers like never before.

Freedom to grow and scale to build the kind of business YOU desire.

The Tallgrass Advantage

  • Back office support: Our agents enjoy the luxury of top-notch back-office support to tackle everything from carrier relations and administrative needs to collections and tech support.

  • Custom-built CRM technology: Crafted by freight pros, for freight pros, our CRM system is designed to enhance efficiency and eliminate tedious tasks.

  • Professional development and mentorship: From our Agent Roundtable event and quarterly forums to ongoing mentorship and unrestricted access to leadership, we provide guidance and support every step of the way.

  • Uncapped compensation: Our freight agents can earn what they deserve with uncapped commissions and high splits.

  • Sales rewards: Earn the kinds of big awards you deserve for big success.

  • Access to benefits: We offer more than just a paycheck, providing agents with access to top-tier benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance.

  • Transparency and consistency: No tricks, no corporate chaos, no worries about getting paid — just a trustworthy freight agent program that operates with integrity and consistency.

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey today.