Agents explore the ABCs of LLCs at the Tallgrass Freight Tax Seminar

Agents explore the ABCs of LLCs at the Tallgrass Freight Tax Seminar

At Tallgrass Freight, every freight agent is independent. And there’s lots to love about working for yourself, where the sky really is the limit. But as our freight agents grow their books of business — and expand their own companies! — there is so much to navigate. As agents grow, questions arise about business structure: If I want to continue growing, should I establish my own LLC?

But TGF freight agents aren’t left alone to figure out the answers the big questions. Freight agents who are part of the Tallgrass Freight team enjoy all the upsides of being an independent contractor, plus the support and expertise of a team. At the core of our company culture is partnership, helping each other as we grow. Our Tax Seminar, part of our continuing education series, is one more way we help each other reach new heights.

State of the Union Meeting

Agents from across the country were invited to learn the ins and outs of LLCs. TGF invited tax expert Michelle Unruh to join us and answer the most important questions about taxes and an LLC. When is the right time to establish an LLC, and how do you know if you’re ready? What are the tax implications of an LLC, in contrast to being an independent contractor or a sole proprietor? When it’s time to create an LLC, how do you do it? How does the process differ among the states?

Our discussion covered the important facets of business ownership and taxes every agent needs to address as he or she expands, as our expert shared actionable insights and strategies. Our agents walked away with an LLC game plan, equipped with the tax knowledge they needed to take next steps.

And, because we wouldn’t be Tallgrass Freight without our work-hard-play-hard attitude, we wrapped up the seminar with a catered barbecue lunch as a team! There’s nothing better than connecting with team members.

Interested in a career with all the benefits of working independently, plus the support of a phenomenal team behind you? Then consider joining the Tallgrass Freight agent network. Ready to start? Explore more!