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Paul Roman

Paul Roman


Accounting Manager

Drink at happy hour:

White Wine Spritzer

Favorite binge watch:

The Last Dance

Best concert ever:

Jimmy Eat World

As Tallgrass Freight’s Accounting Manager, Paul plays an integral role in overseeing the financial ecosystem at Tallgrass Freight. With an ambitious, inquisitive mindset, Paul maintains and distributes complex financial reporting, ensures Tallgrass’s fiscal responsibility, provides input for profitability, projects and corporate pricing strategies, and oversees TGF’s high transaction volume. 

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a major in Economics and International Business, Paul began his career in finance. He brings nearly 13 years of expertise to Tallgrass as an Accountant, Financial Analyst, and Controller. Prior to Tallgrass, Paul worked for Omni Air International, a charter airline primarily serving the Department of Defense;, where he was responsible for managing all finance and accounting related activities for southeast Asia; and Fire Door Solutions, which provides fire compliance and safety planning for hospital facilities.

“It’s refreshing to step into a collaborative atmosphere where my insights and perspective are welcomed with open arms.”

Paul was initially drawn to Tallgrass’s welcoming and team-focused atmosphere. “The incredibly relaxed, welcoming and low-stress environment really speaks to the cultural values of the company,” he continued. “Not only do I have unparalleled support on the back-end, but it’s refreshing to step into a collaborative atmosphere where my insights and perspective are welcomed with open arms.”

Paul especially appreciates how Tallgrass has allowed him to put his fingerprint on things from day one, a rare trait in corporations today. “Working with Tim Bateman and David Barnes has been such a highlight for me,” he says. “We’ve worked together on system integrations, implementing processes to optimize workflow and devising meaningful strategies to ensure the future of the company is positioned for success.”

When he’s not crunching numbers and working on financial strategies, Paul spends his free time with his wife and two girls, ages five and 10. During football season, you can find him cheering loudly for his two favorite teams, the Buffalo Bills and Oklahoma State Cowboys. 

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