Get the Healthcare Coverage You Need

Major Medical. Dental. Vision. Accident. Critical Illness. Life.

We know many owner-operators struggle to find affordable healthcare.

Now, you have a choice other than the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.

No Strings Attached

No exchanges

No government

No high premiums

No limited networks

Instead, we’re giving you an exclusive chance to get affordable healthcare. It’s our way of saying thank you to you for contracting through Tallgrass Freight Co.

Healthcare Coverage Built Exclusively for Drivers Contracted with TGF

  • Set rates—pay the same rates for all ages
  • Set plans
  • Best-in-class PPO network
  • Other options available, including Minimal Essential Coverage Plus
  • Save time and out-of-pocket costs with an easy-to-use health app

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Fill out the quick form below. Then, you’ll hear more about your coverage options—including medical, dental, vision, accident, critical illness and term life—directly from our endorsed healthcare provider, IHA Health.

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