Meet the Team

Michael Hayes

Michael Hayes

VP of Information Technology

Walk-up song:

Any composition by Hans Zimmer

Drink at happy hour:

Captain Morgan with Diet Coke

Superhero alter-ego:

Iron Man

It’s no surprise that Michael Hayes, Vice President of Information Technology, grew up with a fascination for everything electronics and computers. Michael considers himself a creative programmer, who thrives while turning technological vision into the ones and zeros that bring that vision to life.

At Tallgrass Freight, Michael establishes programs to support TGF’s proprietary TMS CRM system, creates reports essential to day-to-day operations and works to create an enterprise architecture that will propel Tallgrass Freight into bigger fields of play.

“The culture here is even better than I imagined,” Michael says. “This team is hard-working. There’s an underlying kinship among everybody here.”

While getting a Telecommunications Management degree at DeVry University, Michael taught himself programming, fueling his love for all things technical to build a consulting career and expand his skill set.

“This team is hard-working. There’s an underlying kinship among everybody here.”

Michael was impressed when he got to his first interview at Tallgrass Freight and immediately met the owners. Here, Michael found a company where the leaders are supportive, the agents are autonomous, and the technology team is full of passion.

“I really believe that David and Damon run the company with the notion that there’s so much more to success than hitting the right metrics. For David and Damon, it’s all about how we can creatively solve problems while keeping an eye on the future.”

At home, Michael likes spending time with his wife and son. He especially likes playing games and building computers with his fun-loving “clone” of a son, who enjoys technology just as much as Dad.

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