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Kinzley Moorcroft

Kinzley Moorcroft

Senior Agent Recruiter

Walk-up song:

Barracuda – Heart

Favorite binge watch:

The Great British Bake Off

Best concert ever:

Rebelution — Vinoy Park, St. Petersburg

Kinzley Moorcroft brings a wide variety of unique experiences to Tallgrass Freight. As a Senior Recruiter, based in Tampa, Florida, Kinzley enjoys taking on the challenge of finding the best of the best to be part of the Tallgrass freight agent team.

“I love the hunt!” she says of her role in recruitment. “It’s hard to find the best of the best, and that’s what makes it a fun challenge.”

Kinzley’s extensive career includes military service as a petty officer with the United States Coast Guard, where she gained her first experiences in recruitment. She went on to recruit across several industries to include healthcare, shipbuilding, and early stage tech startups. As a recruiter, Kinzley’s goal is to approach every conversation with openness. Having walked through a number of career transitions herself, she looks for potential beyond a resume alone.

“When someone reached out to me and told me I was worthy for the first time . . . it changed my life.”

“When someone reached out to me and told me I was worthy for the first time . . . it changed my life,” Kinzley says. “So I try to keep that approach when having conversations with candidates.” It’s through similar great conversation and immediate connection that Kinzley found such a comfortable fit when joining Tallgrass.

“The table is set at Tallgrass with the expectation of respect, understanding, and equity from the beginning, truly allowing employees to feel like they’re part of owning the success,” Kinzley smiles. “I’m so proud to build success with this team.”

Outside work, Kinzley enjoys exploring her community with her family. Describing herself as a “tourist in her own city,” some of her favorites include supporting the local economy, staying up to date with the local news climate and going to Disney World when she can.

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