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Chris Paul

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Chris Paul

Senior Agent Recruiter

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PSA — Jay Z

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Irish Mule

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With nearly a decade of recruiting experience, Chattanooga-based Chris Paul loves the opportunity to get to know prospective Tallgrass Freight agents and help them reach their goals. “I am a people person and I love to talk!” Chris laughs, making recruiting an ideal field for him. 

Chris began his recruiting career in the retail industry, and then transitioned into freight and logistics as a recruiter for a leading national freight media outlet. When the pandemic slowed hiring, Chris began looking for a company that shared his heart for people, and he found it in Tallgrass. “TGF had me hooked after my first interview!”

“I don’t think work should be something you do only to make money. I believe you should enjoy the work you do!”

Chris loves Tallgrass’s transparent and authentic approach to leadership. While he loves all aspects of his job, his favorite thing about being a recruiter for Tallgrass Freight agents is learning about candidates’ backgrounds, how they got their start within the logistics industry and what they want most in their career.

Outside of work, Chris is all about family! He loves to spend time with his three year old son, as well as his older sisters. He is interested in the arts, and invests his time into writing and producing music. Chris is also a huge NBA and college basketball fan, and loves cheering on the Los Angeles Lakers! 

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