Tim Bateman

CFO & Data Expert

Tim Bateman is Tallgrass Freight’s CFO and data expert. Tim handles sales analytics, cash flow forecasting and more to champion the financial side of Tallgrass Freight. With more than 15 years of experience at progressive levels of finance and accounting, Tim always has his finger on the financial pulse of Tallgrass.

“It’s a great team here,” Tim says. “It’s the culture, the true family culture. You’re part of the team, and I like that aspect of partnering with Tallgrass so much.”

Tim earned his Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Accounting and Business Administration as well as a Masters of Accounting, all from the University of Kansas. In his early career, Tim was a CPA at KPMG in Kansas City, working primarily with small to medium sized clients in Kansas and Missouri. As COO/CFO at RD Johnson Excavating Co., Tim helped the company grow from 46 employees to more than 100 employees and saw revenue double.

At Tallgrass Freight, Tim comes in every week knowing he’s going to work with people he likes. Whether he’s talking with CEO Damon Anderson or catching up with the billing team, Tim appreciates the family culture here at Tallgrass Freight.

“I look forward to being here, where I know I’m going to see everyone and catch up,” he says. “Tallgrass Freight is just a great team.”

With his wife and three kids, Tim lives on 40 acres of land and raises eight chickens. After work, he enjoys coaching his kid’s baseball teams, chopping wood for his wood-burning stove and cheering for his alma mater.