Stan Duncan

Stan Duncan

Senior Agent Recruiter

As a Tallgrass Freight Co. Senior Recruiter, Stan Duncan loves applying his recruitment expertise in an industry where he hits the ground running each day. With a background in government, STEM startups and entrepreneurship, Stan brings the drive with him to lead new Tallgrass agents into the culture we’re cultivating.

Since day one, Stan has been enthusiastic about serving Tallgrass. “I like learning, I’m up for the challenge and Tallgrass is the real deal — so let’s do it!” he says.

Stan enjoys the ability to work independently and as part of the team, and appreciates that TGF is there every step of the way. He approaches his work with transparency, honesty and a personal touch always. 

His startup background fuels his desire to help freight agents take their businesses to new heights, and Stan was immediately drawn to the startup feel of Tallgrass and impressed with the strides Tallgrass has made since its founding

“For someone to bootstrap an idea, turn the idea into a vision, and turn that vision into the company that it is today — well, that’s no small feat,” he says. He appreciates the sense of connection from the TGF leadership team and enjoys being surrounded by good people. 

“At the end of the day, what really matters are the people around you, and understanding that it takes hard work,” he says. “The team at Tallgrass lives that.” 

When work is over for the day, Stan enjoys kayaking and hiking. He’s an active volunteer with a local animal rescue in Tennessee, and loves spending time with his four dogs.